The 5 Best Barn Door Hardware Kit for Cabinets of [2023]

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Best Barn Door Hardware Kit for Cabinets

As you are looking for the best cabinet barn door hardware, we must say you are in the right place.

Whether you want a rustic or a modern look for your home, barn doors are one of those singular pieces of furniture that fit any decor timelessly. They are now a minimalistic phenomenon in modern interior design.

Barn doors can be installed in unique ways – adding that morsel of mystery to your snazzy cabinets. If you’re looking for the best barn door hardware kit for cabinets, stop by and learn about our top five handpicked products.

5 Best Barn Door Hardware Kits for Cabinets Review

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Setting up new sliding doors for your closets, storage stands, and cabinet is an exciting chore that reaps an excellent outcome! Let’s have a look at our top cabinet barn door hardware kits right below.

#1. Small Cabinet Barn Door Hardware Kit: WINSOON 6FT Super Mini


  • This mini barn door hardware kit is Suitable for wall art, windows, and cabinets.
  • Includes a hex wrench, sliding door stoppers, track supports, steel hangers
  • It comes with clear instructions
  • Rubber caps for quiet closure


  • Small pre-drilling is required

WINSOON brings you a minimalistic barn door kit ready to elevate your interior with plenty of applications at home. Got a sliding door too thin or too thick? Contact WINSOON for a fully customized mini barn door hardware kit. This kit comes with everything you need to install double doors for your cabinets and wardrobes.

You get two 3-feet rails, and a junction plate beside 5-track supports to keep the mount as secure as possible. The mini barn door hardware kit, although relatively small in size, should not be taken lightly. Because once it is installed, the sturdy sliding door hardware holds cabinet doors that weigh a hundred pounds!

And as for the safety measures, WINSOON sure went the extra mile. Their nylon-wheeled hangers are blessed with two lifetime lubricated bearings and slide smooth like butter. The sliding door stoppers prevent the barn doors from rolling all by themselves, providing a much-needed anti-collision measure, which is hardly seen elsewhere.

Moreover, it would be best if you had at least a 4-inch clearance above the sliding door to install this system. It will hold door panels of 4-5-inch to 1-⅛-inch thicknesses. Two 18-inch wide doors can be installed with this 6-feet mini barn door hardware kit.

If your panels are 21-inch or 24-inch wide, there are 7-feet and 8-feet sliding door kit alternatives as well as 4-feet and 5-feet ones for fitting smaller barn doors with 12-inch or 15-inch widths, respectively.

The roller and the anti-jump pad hold the rail once you slide the door open or shut so that it doesn’t lift off the fence with increased momentum.

Creaking doors are out of the question, thanks to the premium rubber caps that ensure a noiseless closing. The L and U-shaped floor guides will fit most grooved or ungrooved doors and cabinets with or without bottom trim to prevent the sliding door from swinging.

For the price, WINSOON mini barn door hardware kit can give your cabinets a unique look. We loved its inclusion of floor guides, rubber caps, anti-jump pads, and sliding door stoppers for better safety and durability.

#2. EaseLife 3.3 FT Cabinet Mini Sliding Barn Door Hardware Track Kit


  • An adjustable floor guide prevents the sliding door from swinging
  • The track can be cut to a preferable length
  • Rubber cushioned sliding door stopper for noiseless closing
  • Ball-bearing roller balls for smooth sliding


  • This mini barn door hardware kit doesn’t fit sliding doors wider than 20 inches

Barn door kits make it possible to renovate your home with a rustic style without costing an arm and leg. EaseLife has a prestigious line of hardware kits, from a mini 3.3-feet single door kit to an 8-feet double door kit just for you.

For homes, we often prefer cabinet barn door hardware kits that maintain a low profile since the bulky ones tend to steal the spotlight from the furniture itself. In addition, they look extremely out of place. Luckily for you, EaseLife’s hardware kit has a sleek finish with an impressively slim profile.

The sliding door hardware parts are made of heavy-duty steel with a black powder-coated finish, helping you stay free of worries about stubborn rust and wear and tear. Doors with 11/16-inch to 1-⅛-inch thicknesses are compatible with the mini barn door hardware kit.

In the box, you’ll get a 3.3-foot track, two-door stoppers, two rollers, two anti-jump pads, three spacers, and a one-floor guide. The step-by-step text and graphic instructions are also relatively straightforward to follow. Don’t have any prior experience? No problem. Installation is a breeze!

Next up, we have their precision nylon rollers that keep the sliding system smooth and functional. However, the best part is its versatile uses all around the home. Apart from making a sliding door for your cabinet, you can use the EaseLife barn door hardware set for storage, tv stands, closet, windows, and even a pet house!

The weight capacity is also decent for a single-door kit. A 60-lbs weight limit is acceptable in this parameter. The sliding door stopper and anti-jump pads help keep the door hinged the way it is.

This is a powerfully built mini barn door hardware kit with outstanding rollers and security. The powder-coated carbon steel body prevents the frame and the joints from getting rusted. Its anti-jump pad stops the sliding door from sliding off the rails.

#3. ZEKOO 2.5-8 FT Super Mini Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit


  • The wheels slide quietly
  • It comes in two different hanger screw sizes
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Includes a floor guide, a wall guide, a stopper, and an anti-jump pad


  • It doesn’t support bypass system

Coming in thirteen different sizes, ZEKOO has a rich collection of premium sliding door hardware for setting up a barn-style door in your home. They have incorporated GCR25, high-purity-bearing steel, for smoothly sliding your door panels.

The applaudable part of this mini barn door hardware kit is that ZEKOO offers two-length bolts for fitting doors with different thicknesses. For example, the smaller bolts are suitable for ⅘-inch doors, whereas the bigger ones are for 1-⅛-inch doors.

They provide both floor guides and wall guides, which not only suit floors and walls but also grooved and ungrooved cabinet panels. Moreover, this comprehensive set flaunts a very minimalistic design with 1-½-inch diameter wheels, a 1-inch wide track, and a tiny 6-⅔-inch height.

High-quality carbon steel was used to make this mini barn door hardware kit for cabinets. On top of that, it is finished with black electrostatic spray for a long-lasting service.

And the sliding door hardware components are impressively tough for their size, not to mention their vibration-resistant and wear-resistant performance made it our instant favorite among the lot.

The Zekoo mini barn door hardware kit proved itself with premium quality, anti-corrosion parts that enhance the aesthetics of your interior unblemished and acceptable. Its addition of a wall guide allows you to wall-mount barn doors for windows and overhead tv stands.

#4. SMARTSTANDARD 5FT Super Mini Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit


  • It comes with four rollers and rail spacers
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Suitable for professional cabinet-making


  • Might have some delivery problems

Gorgeous home decor is easy to attain when you know affordable tips and tricks that bring elegance to your interior. This sliding barn door kit will give your boring cabinets and closet a new look.

For starters, getting the double door mounting facility for small door panels was an incredible feature because tiny homes or houses with compact space can now use the barn door system. All necessary mounting tools are provided in the box. The weight capacity of sliding door panels shouldn’t exceed 60 pounds.

Installing barn doors for your tv stands, shoe boxes, and windows will now be the easiest ever. You can save a few bucks on the carpenter charge; you can be the carpenter for a day and enjoy a small project at home.

The maximum width of a single sliding door panel in this system is 20 inches. A 3-½-inch clearance is required above the door top. Worrying that your doors, once mounted in an overhead compartment or window, might slide off the rails and get damaged?

Relax; the premium sliding door stopper is here to save the day. The nylon wheels roll quietly and smoothly every time. They don’t require lubrication nor produce annoying sounds.

Considering its inclusion of floor guides, sliding door stoppers, and end caps, this mini barn door hardware kit is perfect for small living spaces. The steel frame is sturdy enough to withstand moderately heavy 15-inch door panels for an overhead TV stand.

#5. HomLux 4ft Double Cabinet Door Mini Barn Door Hardware Kit


  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Durable construction
  • T-shaped floor guides for safety
  • 4 sliding door stoppers for a secured hold


  • Average weight capacity

In the name of being a low profile, many high-end barn door hardware kits nowadays cannot hold anything exceeding 60 pounds. But on many occasions, this decent weight capacity is not enough. So, if you have weighty sliding door panels made of solid wood, HomLux has something you’re bound to like!

This mini barn door hardware kit is priced reasonably. It includes every tool you’ll ever need for a hassle-free installation and top-notch quality screws and safety features that make it worth the buy. The track is made of top-grade carbon steel with a frosted black exterior.

For the whopping one hundred pounds weight capacity, the maximum sliding door panel width should have been 20 inches, whereas it is only 16 inches. Besides that, a minimum 3-½-inch distance is required between the cabinet top and the door.

The T-shaped floor guide prevents the sliding door panels from swinging. Additionally, the four-door stoppers do a great job of keeping the panels from being rolled off the edge in motion. Similarly, the end caps act as a protective barrier between the door and the rail and ensure that the hangers move smoothly along the rail.

We are sold on this HomLux mini barn door hardware kit for all the right reasons. Their premium steel frame, multiple door stoppers, and floor guides ensure that the set looks professional.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1. Can any door be used as a barn door?

Answer: Installing a single or double barn door inside your home can be a space-saving solution to your packed interior. For that reason, many barn door panels, as well as mini barn door hardware kits, are supplied in plenty from countless sellers.

Some pre-drilled holes might not align, but you can adjust the fasteners to line up with the studs on the wall.

#2. Who makes the best barn door hardware?

Answer: WINSOON makes the best barn door hardware kit. Although the price is slightly higher, you’ll be delighted to know that the WINSOON team will fully customize your door hardware kit according to your specific measurements.

Their mini barn door hardware kit comes with two shapes of floor guides, heavy-duty nylon wheels, anti-collision door stoppers, and an anti-jump pad for added security. WINSOON also takes adequate measures to ensure safety and permanence. Their barn door hardware kit is one in a million!

#3. How do you measure barn door hardware?

Answer: Barn door hardware kits are comparatively small for home interior use. That’s why measuring them with a tape measure, ruler, or meter stick does the trick. The unit length is an inch because door panel thickness, track length, clearance distance, etc., are usually expressed in inches.

#4. Is it difficult to install a barn door?

Answer: If you have the right-sized doors, track, mounting tools, and all the screws, installing a sliding barn door system anywhere inside your home is a piece of cake. The ones from our mini barn door hardware kit reviews come with easy instructions.

#5. What is the difference between a barn door and a French door?

Answer: French door or pocket door is slightly more interesting than barn doors because, unlike barn doors, these doors slide into the wall and become concealed there, whereas barn doors slide on both sides of the wall on a track and remain out in the open.

Final Words

Gone are the days when barn doors were specially made for keeping fodder and grain secured in your barn.

Since barn doors don’t swing openly across accessible floor space, installing cabinet barn door hardware at home has been a trendy pursuit for a while now.

We hope that you enjoyed our best barn door hardware kit for cabinet review.

Happy shopping!

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