Hookaroon VS Pickaroon: Differences Explained By Real User

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Hookaroon VS Pickaroon

Hookaroon and Pickaroon are ideal for a person who works with wood.

But you can already tell by their names that they might have some quite confusing similarities, right?

They sound like siblings, but even siblings have their bags of differences.

So what are the differences between these two?

In this article, we will study them in-depth by placing them against each other.

We’ll talk about the common similarities and differences so that at the end of the day, you’re no longer confused between hookaroon or pickaroon.

Now let’s have this hookaroon vs pickaroon discussion and see which is better suited for what kind of use.

Hookaroon VS Pickaroon: The Comparison

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Hookaroon Uses with Pros and Cons

First of all, let’s learn to identify the hookaroon. The woodworking tool itself looks like an ax of some sort.

Like the ax, it is a tool that has a big blade attached to the top of the long handle.

Now, the handle comes with both hookaroons and pickaroons, but the main difference between them is in the shape of the spike.

On the hookaroon, the spike is slightly curved inwards towards the end bit.

This gives the blade a more menacing look – the curve on end makes it sort of look like a hook.

And this, you could say, is where the main use of the hookaroon lies.

This curved bit of the blade bores into the piece of wood you are cutting and gets a very firmer grip on it.

The hooking action helps by preventing the wood from slipping off while you go at it with all your strength.

Your strength will be better utilized and more targeted with the accomplishment of the task.

However, one problem with this hookaroon is that the curved blade may sometimes become an issue for you.

You will notice that you have to maintain a careful angle when you’re striking the wood; otherwise, the hook will keep getting stuck in it.

But remember, if you get stuck, don’t wrench it out because you might hurt yourself or damage the blade.

Instead, you have to slow down and get the hook out and then try again at the correct angle.

Don’t worry about it too much. If you do face this angling problem, you’ll only face it for the first couple of times.

As you keep working with the woodworking tool, however, it will become second nature to you, and you won’t have to expend any extra effort working with it.


  • Get a solid grip on the wood you’re cutting
  • Takes less effort and strength to cut the same amount of wood


  • The bent bit of the blade might get stuck in the wood while cutting if you aren’t careful

Best Hookaroons Review of 2022

#1. Fiskars Hookaroon 28-Inch Review


  • Doesn’t slip from the hands
  • Very lightweight yet sturdy handle
  • the blade is extremely strong and durable
  • Pointed and curved tip helps to bore into the wood
  • 28 inches long handle good for people with average height or above
  • Has a flare at the bottom of the handle to give you a stronger grip on it


  • The tip of the blade might snap off if you’re not careful with the angle you’re hitting with

One of the best hookaroons in the market that you can rely on is this one from Fiskars.

It has all the features that make it a worthy hookaroon for beginners and professionals.

The handle, firstly, is about 28 inches long. It is made with FiberComp, which is an advanced composite of fiberglass that has been reinforced with the synthetic material polyamide.

The resultant product is of top-notch quality.

It feels strong in the hands, and yet it’s very lightweight – these are two of the most important features for a handle that you’ll be lifting so much for every project, and this tool, therefore, is such a huge hit among consumers of all experience levels.

And the handle doesn’t change temperature, but it stays at a regular temperature no matter how hot or cold it is outside.

The blade itself is also amazingly reliable – made with boron steel, it’s incredibly sharp and durable.

Also, it has a toothed edge and a curved beak that makes it very easy and comfortable to cut into the wood with.

#2. GEDORE OX 173 H-0580 Hand Hookeroon Review


  • Has a very vibrant yellow color to it
  • The wooden handle is high-quality
  • The handle supports a strong grip that doesn’t slip in any way
  • Medium-sized steel blade that can handle logs of average length and weight
  • Lightweight yet sturdy tool with an even weight distribution throughout its body


  • Handle breaks off after a few uses

This hookaron looks elegant. It has a yellow blade and bottom handle, while the middle of the handle is a light wooden color.

The tool is very easy on the eyes and has an appearance that will add a lot of personal style to your work station.

And the blade of this hookaroon is made with the finest quality of steel – strong, resilient, and sturdy, this blade will hook into any piece of wood you’re working on, and it will make it easily portable.

The blade is slightly curved, and this curvature makes it get a firmer grip on the wood once it’s lodged into it.

And the handle of this hookaron is completely non-slip – it’s made with wood that has brushed into a matte finish that doesn’t slip.

Moreover, the total body weight of this tool is only about 1100 grams. So, it won’t be difficult to freely maneuver this tool for your projects.

Pickaroon Uses with Pros and Cons

This one is the identical sibling of the hookaroon. There is a slight difference, though. If you look at the blade, you will see that it’s completely straight on the top.

There is no curve to the shape. The top of the blade will always be completely straight with a pickaroon, and it will taper off at the end.

With this feature tapering straight blade feature constant, there are two kinds of pickaroons that you can find in the market.

One has a small bit of blade sticking perpendicular to its length, and the other doesn’t have a perpendicular bit attached to it. These are the two variations.

Other than this, everything else with the pickaroon is exactly like the hookaroon that we just discussed above.

The pickaroon is also supposed to help you stack big and heavy logs of wood on top of each other quite easily.

Your choice is completely up to your preference. However, you may be warned that the pickaroon sometimes lets wooden logs slip off – the straightness of the blade means that there is not much hooking action to it.

It just picks up the wood – thus, its name is PICKaroon.

The blade is made of metal, and the handle is most usually made of wood. However, you can also find variations to the handle nowadays.

But whichever hookaron you choose, make sure that the handle feels sturdy and that the blade is sharp enough – otherwise, it won’t be of any use to you.


  • Particularly good for dragging heavy logs of wood
  • The shape straight end effortlessly lodges into the wood
  • Can be used to quickly drag, carry and arrange wood panels on top of each other


  • The straight end bit of the pickaroon’s edge lets the wood slide off

Best Pickaroon

Hookaroon VS Pickaroon: Which One Is Best for your projects?

Both of these two tools basically do the same thing. They are required when there are a lot of wooden logs in need of transportation.

If you are a professional, it won’t matter which one of these you choose. However, with that said, we’ll point that hookaroons are much more popular than pickaroons simply because they have that bent blade attached to their handle.

The pickaroons have a straight blade with no curves at all. So, even if they are sharp and can easily lodge into the logs of wood, they are inconvenient because they often let go of the wooden log that they’ve picked up when the log is too heavy.

Hookaroons are more popular because of this. They have a curved blade that can hold on to wooden logs with a stronger grip. Thus, whether you are a professional or a beginner, you are going to save a lot of time and feel much more comfortable when using a hookaroon.

In Conclusion

We hope you have clearly understood the difference between these two tools through this discussion of hookaroon vs pickaroon.

So, finally, we want to end the hookaroon or pickaroon discussion by saying that it all comes down to your preference.

As long as the tools are concerned, you’ll get the same value out of both of them.

So choose anyone, and see how it works for you. Good luck.

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