Asphalt vs Concrete Driveway: Costs, Differences, Lifespan

Both concrete and asphalt contain stones. However, the other materials inside each of them vary. Asphalt contains tar-like petroleum as the adhesive. On the other hand, concrete contains cement as the adhesive and small pieces of rocks to provide aesthetic appeal. As a result, the appearance, cost, behavior in different climates, durability, repairing process, etc., … Read more

Best Redwood Sealer for 2024: Our Top 5 Picks

Finding the best redwood sealer is sometimes confusing if you know nothing about wood sealers or stains. Even if you know the basics, choosing the right one is pretty overwhelming, depending on the application and outcome you expect. Besides the application and outcome, you have to consider a few other parameters – Type of the … Read more

How to Fix Crumbling Asphalt Driveway: The Definitive Guide

The ways to fix crumbling asphalt driveways can be divided into multiple parts. Crack and small hole filling. Pothole repairing. Resurfacing/Resealing. Fixing crumbling edges. I will discuss how you should follow to repair the above processes successfully. It’s easy to repair without hiring any professionals in most cases. Nonetheless, it’s wise for some tasks to … Read more