Gearwrench Tools Review 2023: Are Gearwrench Tools Any Good?

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Gearwrench Tools Review: Are Gearwrench Tools Any Good?

Tools- the one thing all automotive or mechanical guys need every step of the road.

And with the rapid development of these industries, the need for quality tools is now more than ever.

If we’re being honest, every now and then, we get questions from customers asking about Gearwrench tools.

So, we thought why not write a complete Gearwrench tools review?

That brings us to this in depth-review. After extensive studies and research, we finally managed to put together this review.

Here we’ll go through a list of Gearwrench products discussing their aspect.

We’ll try our best to provide you an overall neutral opinion.

So, without further delay, let’s start rolling the Gearwrench tools review-

Gearwrench Tools Review (Top 5 Picks)

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#1. Gearwrench 1/2″ Drive Electronic Torque Wrench Review


  • LED Light for Alerts: There’s a LED light on the handle for sending alerts. Whenever you reach the perfect torque, it gives out an alert. In fact, you get 5 types of measurement units. So, you have the option to choose what you need.
  • 5-Degree Patented Swing: The 5-degree arc lets you fasten nuts in compact spaces. That’s one of the most important factors for newbies as they have a tough time with these things.
  • 5 Torque Measurement Units: You can set different measurement units in the small display of this tool. These are Nm, In-lb, kgf-cm, kgf-m, and ft-lb. Depending on your preference, you can select these.
  • Oil-resistant Handle: The handle and circuit housing are completely oil and solvent resistant. So, if you’re someone who has to work with harmful agents, you can rest assured that your hands and tools will be safe.


  • Eats up Batteries: There’s no doubt that this is a great tool. But its battery consumption is a huge problem. With extensive usage, you might even need 2 batteries a day.
  • Shuts off Quickly: When you’re not using the tool for more than a minute, it shuts off. This might not seem like a problem but only 1 minute isn’t enough.

The Gearwrench 1/2″ Drive Electronic Torque Wrench is no doubt one of the best electronic torque wrenches out there.

Whether it’s for your daily repairs or professional use, you’ll be satisfied with it.

It has an internal structure with 72 tooth ratchets along with the patented 5-degree design.

Well, there’s a lot more to say. Let’s see what happens on the way-

This tool sure is helpful if you can use it properly. Despite the negative sides, you can look into the product.

You never know when you’re going to love that one feature.

#2. Gearwrench 12 Pt. Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set Review


  • Combination Ratcheting Wrenches: With the combination of both ratchets and wrenches, you get your work done faster than ever. Whether it be removing or installing fasteners, you’re secured.
  • Off-Corner Loading: You’ll get a much better grip with help of the off-corner design of this tool. Along with the strong grip, you’ll get reduced fastener rounding.
  • Pass-Through Design: The unique pass-through design lets you fit ratchets down to any long-threaded bolts. No matter how long the bolt is, Gearwrench has got you covered.
  • Thin Head and Beam: You might wonder why’d you need a thin head and beam for this purpose. Well, it’s because making these thin allows you to reach those tough spots. So, no matter how confined space is, you’ll get your work done.


  • Needs Better Finish: The chrome finish of the hand tools chips off after a few months. People expect more quality finishing from a brand like Gearwrench. So, this is something they should really work on.
  • Some Wrenches Lock Sometimes: Most of the wrenches in this 16 piece set are good enough. But like any other set, there’s always one or two that’ll show some problems. Our suggestion would be to improve their quality control.

The Gearwrench 12 Pt. Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set Review is a complete premium package that comes with a mid-range price tag.

At first glance, you’ll get a premium vibe from the alloy steel with its bright finish.

Other than that, there’s the patented 5-degree arc swing so you don’t have to give minimal effort. Moreover,       the off-corner loading surely gives out the perfect grip.

This set of hand tools has both its pros and cons as you’ve already seen.

Regardless of the many different aspects of this toolset, it’s quite affordable and durable.

But before you do anything, do some research and see if it fits you or not.

#3. Teardrop Ratchet Gearwrench 120xp Review


  • 3-Degree Arc Swing: It’s not every day you see a ratchet with a 3-degree arc swing. For those tighter turns, this feature is a pure blessing. Move as little as possible but you’ll still get your job done.
  • Dual Pawg Design: The engineers at Gearwrench really thought out the design of this tool. The 60 tooth pawls give you the option of 120 positions. So, you get to achieve the perfect precision.
  • Teardrop Head for Hard-to-Reach Spots: The unique teardrop design of the head lets you go to those hard-to-reach spots without any hassle. Moreover, you get the flush-mounted on and off switch.
  • Complete Dirt Protection: The head design is completely enclosed for protection against dirt and debris. No matter how dust-filled your work area is, it won’t be able to penetrate the seal this tool has.


  • Sometimes feels Stiff: When you put so many micro positions in one ratchet, it’s not unusual to show some problems sometimes. It’s nothing permanent but you should know about it before you buy it.
  • Needs Better Finishing: We can’t really say that the chrome finishing on the ratchet is up to the marks. There’s a lot of room for improvement in this matter.

The Double Stacked Pawl technology of this tool lets you move around in 120 positions every step of the way. To make things even better you get an extra tight 3-degree swing arc.

While most ratchets can’t even turn 5-degrees, they take it to the next level. Moreover, their flex-head design makes it flexible enough to go to any tough spots.

The Teardrop Ratchet Gearwrench 120xp is without a doubt a complete ratchet package.

When a brand gives you products at a lower price point, you have to keep in mind that there will be certain limitations.

That’s why we advise you to do some research about the product yourself.

You never know what feature you might like about the product.

#4. Deep Impact Metric Gearwrench Socket Set Review


  • Comes with Socket Guide: The chamfered socket angle gives the user an entry angle for the impact sockets. In simpler terms, it means that you won’t have to spend any extra time attaching the impact sockets to the fastener.
  • Fewer Fastener Roundings: With the help of the off corner loading, you’ll face a fewer amount of fastener roundings. Whether you use it 10 times or 100 times, the off-corner technology will stay by your side.
  • Complete Protection Against Corrosion: Each and every socket in this set is coated with black phosphate for protection against corrosion. So, even if you somehow get in contact with water, you’ll be completely safe.
  • Laser Etched Markings: You’ll notice that all the impact sockets have laser-etched markings on them for proper identification. Unlike paint markings, these won’t chip off after reusing a couple of times.


  • The Case Could’ve Been Better: While the case might look extremely durable and well built in the pictures but in reality, it’s the opposite. Gearwrench could’ve used better materials for making the case as this is a popular product of their brand.
  • Steel Swivel Pin: The swivel pin isn’t made out of molybdenum instead they used steel. There are some customers who complained about having the swivel pin broken after some usage.

The Deep Impact Metric Gearwrench impact sockets Set is the perfect addition for any professional who needs heavy-duty Gearwrench sockets on a regular basis.

They have a sturdy build-quality made with a chrome molybdenum alloy steel construction.

But that’s not all. It even has off corner loading technology for fewer fastener roundings.

We can go on and on about these cool features. But let’s do it one-by-one, shall we?

The Deep Impact Metric Gearwrench Sockets is certainly a great metric socket set for the price.

But as we’ve already said, don’t go expecting premium features at this price point.

So, go through the product’s details and see if this one’s for you or not.

#5. 40 Pieces Ratcheting Gearwrench Screwdriver Set Review


  • Variety of Shafts: You’ll find multiple shafts that are also interchangeable. Moreover, there are a variety of handles for reaching tough spots.
  • Oil and Solvent-Resistant: The handle is made out of two different materials that work side-by-side for keeping out oil and solvents.
  • Quality S2 Steel Bit: All screwdrivers are made from durable S2 steel bits. No rust, no corrosion- complete protection.
  • No Hand Fatigue: The handles are shaped ergonomically for reducing hand fatigue. Even after long usages, you won’t have any pain in your hands.


  • No Hollow Shanks: Without hollow shanks, these won’t be able to slip over those long studs you see.
  • Some Play Between the Shaft and the Handle: There are a few users who’ve noticed some play between the shaft and the handle. It needs better quality control that’s for sure.

Gearwrench truly brought its latest technology and innovation in these 40 pieces set.

Every step of the way, they tried to make this set as good as possible.

From the handle to the steel bits, everything speaks of good build quality.

Let’s start and you’ll know what we mean-

So now you know basically everything about this product.

There are good things and there are bad things.

So, the best would be if you could do some research about this product yourself.

Are Gearwrench Tools Any Good?

Whenever Gearwrench comes to my mind, I only hear one word- the underdog. You see this company doesn’t make any big promises they can’t make.

They stick to what they’re best at. In fact, this is a concerning issue for many brands.

Most of the time they think overselling a product will give them more sales.

However, it doesn’t take much time for the customer to figure he got scammed a little.

So, the customer will think twice before even thinking about purchasing a product from that brand again.

Forget about that, there’s even a high chance he/she’ll dump that brand.

The point is they make sure to keep their word. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a regular user, you won’t go home with a sad face.

Chances are you’ll come back again for another product.

Wanna know the best part of Gearwrench?

They always keep up with the latest technology and innovations. The automotive industry is vast and keeping up with their constant demands is not an easy job.

But since 1920, the Gearwrench brand has managed to win the heart of both professionals and new users.

Other than that, customer satisfaction is a big plus point for the Gearwrench brand.

So, whether you’re a professional or a newbie, you can rest assured about buying a Gearwrench product.

Who Makes Gearwrench Tools?

Gearwrench started its journey in Taiwan back in 1920. Back then Gearwrench didn’t have so many hand tools it has today. But having too many products was never the goal.

And Gearwrench got its recognition when it launched its game-changer product, the 5-degree ratcheting wrenches.

Immediately after launching the product, the sales started going up.

By 2002, Gearwrench managed to sell over 100 million wrenches.

It was all thanks to their production system. Without good quality production, Gearwrench wouldn’t be able to stand where it is today.

Now that you know what made Gearwrench a popular brand, let’s talk about who owns Gearwrench and what not.

The thing is Gearwrench itself is an independent brand. But it’s owned by a completely different company.

Have you ever heard of the Apex Tool Group? Yes, that famous group of companies.

Apex Tool Group along with its other popular brands managed to establish ground with this brand.

Overall, this company has a good market share in the tool industry with its various brands.

Being owned by such a big company actually benefits Gearwrench in many different ways.

In terms of pricing, Gearwrench thinks about their customer. It has, in fact, established a brand value with its affordable price tags.

Where are Gearwrench Tools Made?

As you’ve already figured out Gearwrench tools are made by the Apex Tool. So, from the very first, every tool of Gearwrench was made by this manufacturer.

The Group has two manufacturing factories in Taiwan and China (made in China).

Usually, the Taiwan factory handles all the ratcheting wrenches sets. On the other hand, the Chinese factory took care of the long pattern wrench that you see every day.

However, this has changed now. Gearwrench is now an international brand with Gearwrench products all over the world.

So, 2 factories just weren’t enough for them.

That’s why they started manufacturing plants in more than 20 countries all over Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Australia.

After the production is over, these hand tools are then shipped over to other facilities for proper distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question #1. Who sells Gearwrench tools?

Answer: You’ll find Gearwrench tools all over the world through online stores such as Amazon or Home Depot. However, you can go to brick-and-mortar shops too if that’s what you prefer.

Simply go to the Gearwrench website to find stores near your area. No matter what type of store you select, you’ll get the best service available.

In fact, you have the option to talk to their customer care if you face any kind of trouble with your product.

Question #2. Are Gearwrench tools lifetime warranty?

Answer: Gearwrench provides a lifetime warranty for all their tools. If you’ve any kind of issue with the quality, material, or workmanship of a tool, simply reach out to their customer care and they’ll take care of it.

However, you should keep in mind that this manufacturer doesn’t provide any kind of warranty or guarantee for the pouches, carrying bags, or accessories.

So, make sure to check these things thoroughly when you buy a tool from them.

Question #3. Is Gearwrench better than Tekton Tools, Rockwell Tools, and Ryobi Tools?

Answer: The thing is you can’t simply state that one of these brands is better than the other one. All of them excel in their own field. At the end of the day, it all depends on what type of product you buy.

For instance, Tekton focuses more on ratchet and socket sets while Gearwrench’s primary focus is on wrenches.

The bottom line is, all these brands have a reputation for constant top-notch performance and high quality. So, depending on what you buy, it’ll vary.

Final Verdict

So, folks, that’s about it on our take-in Gearwrench tools review.

We hope we explain all the factors about these hand tools.

At the end of the day, you have to keep in mind that nothing’s perfect.

So, regardless of the tiny flaws these products have, we hope you’ll be able to pick out the ones that are just right for you.

Nonetheless, do let us know if there’s anything troubling you.

We’ll send it right over to our editorial team and come up with a solution as soon as possible.

Till then, good luck!

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