Top 8 Best Concrete Paver Sealer Reviews of 2023

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If you have concrete pavers set up in your backyard, lawn, or front of your house, you know just how expensive these things can be.

They take a lot of money and time to install but can add a lot of depth to the outlook of your house.

Once these majestic pavers are damaged, replacing the whole lot can cost you a fortune.

To make sure that this does not happen to you, you need the perfect sealer!

Luckily, in the best paver sealer reviews, we have covered all that you need to know about a sealer.

We’ve also included our favorite picks so you can choose the best Penetrating Concrete Paver Sealer for your paver.

So let’s start with the reviews, shall we?

Best Concrete Paver Sealer Reviews

Concrete Paver Sealer Reviews of 2023

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Don’t want to end up with a sealer that doesn’t work or can damage your paver for life? Check out our trusty recommendations along with detailed reviews.

#1. SuperSeal 2000 Review


  • Super wet, glossy finish sealer, best used on old concrete pavers
  • Can be used on cement, concrete, and natural stones
  • Easy to clean and stain-resistant formula
  • Adds color enhancement without yellowish hue


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Adds brightness and enhances the old color of pavements
  • Does not have a strong chemical smell
  • No stains
  • No yellowish hue


  • Gets scuffed in a year or two

Got a paver that has become old and crusty? We’ve got just the thing to help oomph up your old concrete pavers!

The super seal 2000 will give you a super glossy wet finish that helps hide all existing flaws in your paver.

Get that classy shiny finish with no yellowing. Even with time, the sealer does not pick up any stains.

Gloss finish paver sealers such as this one are very easy to clean. So even if you do spill something on top that could stain the surface, a good wipe down with a wet cloth will clean all blemishes at one go.

Applying this sealer on top of old pavers also enhances color. Add a more vibrant and bright hue to your concrete paver and make it look brand new!

This sealer can be applied both indoors and outdoors; on pavers, concrete, natural stone, and even on cement.

Not having strong chemical odors is one of the biggest advantages of this sealer.

The aromatic sealer can be used indoors without you having to evacuate the place as the toxicity level is quite low.

This super seal 2000 is just what you need to fix that old and nasty concrete paver.

No need to replace the entire setup; just add one coat of this sealer, and you’ll have a glossy and classy-looking paver that is protected from stains, water, and heat damage as well.

#2. 5 GAL Armor AR500 High Gloss Solvent Based Acrylic Sealer


  • Solvent-based concrete paver acrylic sealer
  • Protection against UV-rays, heat and cold temperature
  • Can handle a lot of pressure
  • High gloss finish that lasts 2-3 years


  • UV protection, heat, and cold temperature protection
  • Does not crack even if driven over
  • Breathable but thick finish that prevents mold and fungus
  • Enhances concrete color and look


  • Lasts only 2 to 3 years

Capable of penetrating high solids, this high gloss best paver sealer can penetrate concrete quite easily.

The solid penetrating power also makes this a great option for natural stones and slate.

Best paver sealers such as this one can become one with your concrete paver. Meaning there is no risk of cracking or breakage.

Fungus and mold build-up are also prevented. The layer is also breathable. Therefore the concrete stays in good shape even after years.

UV resistant formula of the acrylic sealer gives you protection from heat and cold temperature a well.

The unbreakable surface that the layer creates is great to have if you have to drive on top of the concrete when parking.

Thanks to the high gloss finish, you can revamp old pavers without any hassle. This glossy formula will add a high shine finish to the old paver, enhancing and changing the color of the concrete for the better.

Compared to a natural or matte finish, a glossy finish hides more flaws.

Use the high gloss acrylic sealer on brand new pavers to maintain the quality and strength and spray on old pavers to make them look new.

The versatile and strong high gloss acrylic sealers will last you 2-3 years easily.

High gloss best paver sealers/acrylic sealers are amazing to look at and can also hide existing flaws pretty easily.

If you can handle changing the high gloss paver sealer every two or three years, this is a great affordable option.

#3. Wet Look Paver Sealer Reviews: EnduraSeal 100% Acrylic


  • Acrylic-based wet-look paver sealer
  • Sticks to the surface of the concrete to provide protection
  • Heat, cold temperature, and UV ray protection
  • No toxic smell
  • Wet glossy finish


  • Hides imperfections on your old concrete paver
  • Creates an inseparable bond with a concrete paver surface
  • UV and heat protection
  • Non-staining and no yellowing hue
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install


  • Takes time to dry

The worst part of adding a wet look paver sealer to your concrete paver is the strong smell that you have to endure. This smell can be quite toxic for the body and often cause you to evacuate the place.

Luckily, this wet look paver sealer for Endura Seal takes care of the bad smell for you. The smell in this sealer is quite toned down and not too toxic.

If you can handle the slight smell, you might not even have to leave your house.

Acrylic-based best paver sealers are popular for the wet and glossy finish.

This finish is similar to the ones you see in museums. Now, with the help of this EnduraSeal, you can get that classy wet look on your front yard concrete paver as well. The gloss finish is pretty easy to clean.

Stains and marks don’t stick to the coating, so there is no possibility of yellowing. Get UV ray protection, heat, and cold temperature protection all in this one acrylic-based wet look sealer.

EnduraSeal sticks to the surface of your concrete paver and protect it from all kinds of disturbance. Another plus point is that this wet look sealer is quite easy to spray as well!

If you can take out the time to spread this acrylic-based wet look sealer with patience, you will get results that will shock you.

You won’t need another coat for at least 5 years to come. Also, there is no toxic smell to deal with!

#4. ToughCrete Concrete Paver Sealer


  • Water-based concrete paver sealer
  • The breathable formula keeps your concrete, stone, or slate fresh from fungus and mold
  • Protection from sun, rain, and snow
  • Lasts 10 years


  • Does not need another coat for 10 years
  • Weather protection
  • Water-based breathable formula
  • Spreads easily
  • Can be used on different kinds of material such as stone, slate, and cement


  • Might discolor

Spraying sealer on your concrete paver is not an easy or quick task. Adding sealer on your pavers every 5 to 6 years on its own is painful enough.

If you hate this task as much as we do, consider buying the ToughCrete Concrete Paver sealer.

Just one thick coat of this sealer will last you 10 years! Do it once, and just forget about it. Remind yourself to add another coat 10 years later!

This high-quality formula is a rare eco-friendly siloxane-based sealer. Although there is a bit of a strong smell that comes out when applying, the sealer is not bad for your health. Also, there is no harm done to Mother Nature.

Add this sealer on your pavements, paver, poolside, or garage to make sure your house stays looking new.

Not only will this help you make a good impression on your neighbors, but it will also help add a lot of resell value to your house.

You can add this sealer on top of slate, stone, concrete, and even cement to create a bond that lasts through all kinds of hurdles—no chances of damage by sun, rainwater, or snow.

This long-lasting water-based concrete best paver sealer is truly worth the purchase. Keep your pavers safe from water, sun, and heat damage. A great non-toxic and eco-friendly option!

#5. Armor AR350 Wet Look Concrete Paver Sealer with Low Gloss Finish


  • Covers 100 sq feet area with two coats
  • Acrylic-based but semi to low gloss finish sealer
  • Spreads evenly with no patches
  • No sticky white layer
  • Enhances color, adds UV protection and eliminates yellowish hue


  • Spreads easily
  • No possibility of getting patches or the white sticky layer
  • Acrylic-based semi-gloss finish
  • Protection from harsh UV rays
  • Get two coats on 100 sq feet area


  • Strong smell

Use this semi-gloss best paver sealer on poured concrete, stamped concrete, and also normal concrete.

The acrylic-based semi-gloss solvent comes in a semi to a low gloss finish. If you don’t like that super wet glossy finish that acrylic-based best paver sealers typically give you, this can be a great option.

Get the same protection, enhancement in color, and flaw coverage without that slippery look. Armor has formulated this semi-gloss wet look sealer that has unmatched bonding characteristics to give you protection from all kinds of hurdles that a concrete paver might face.

The water-resistant formula does not let any drop of fluid enter the bond. Hence, you are protected from mold and also fungus.

The massive 1-gallon semi-gloss wet look sealer spreads quite evenly—no chances of getting any patches or white sticky layers. Spray or pour the sealer and get an automatic flawless semi-gloss finish on your concrete paver.

A gallon of wet look sealer that you can use on a 100 sq feet area with two coats is quite a deal. The product is also available at a great price.

If you can get through the strong smell of this wet look sealer, this is a great option. There is no staining, no yellowish hue, and also no patchiness. Adding the wet look sealer to your concrete paver is quite easy.

Best Penetrating Concrete Paver Sealer

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#1. Foundation Armor Sx5000 Reviews: 5-Gal


  • Gives you 7 to 10 years of durability
  • Silane siloxane-based concrete paver sealer
  • Can be applied on bricks, slate, flagstone, vertical, and horizontal concrete
  • Made with 10 times more active ingredients than other paver sealers in the market
  • For use on both the interior and exterior of pavers


  • Easy to apply with a pump sprayer
  • Can cover large areas
  • Penetrates the layers of pavers and provides protection
  • Can be used on roadways and bridge decks, on brick, slate, and flagstone
  • Breathable and low VOC formula


  • The formula is too thin

Silane siloxane-based concrete paver sealers have always been a fan favorite. If you’ve got a large area of pavers to cover, this giant 5-gallon silane siloxane-based sealer is what you need.

Silane siloxane or water-based paver sealers such as this one from the Foundation Armor store can spread more.

This does not mean that the sealer has looser coverage; the formula is just more flexible.

And this foundation armor sealer also won’t leave any slippery residue on your paver. The original color is preserved, giving you a natural no-sealer look.

Capable of penetrating through the layers of your concrete paver, this sealer is quite a durable one.

Spray just two coats of the sealer and get 6 to 7 years of protection. For ease of use, you can apply the sealer with the help of a pump sprayer.

Other features such as high breathability and low VOC also help preserve your concrete paver for a longer time.

The high solid silane siloxane-based sealer can be applied on a slate, brick, flagstone, and both vertical and horizontal concrete.

Besides using this foundation armor sealer on your front or back yard, you can also use the leftovers on bridge decks and roadways for protection.

There is no other concrete paver sealer that we would recommend if you’ve got a large area to cover.

Spray the paver with two layers of this strong penetrating sealer and get 7 to 10 years of protection!

#2. DryWay Water-Repellent Concrete Paver Sealer


  • Silane siloxane-based sealer that is water-resistant
  • Resistant to ice melting chemicals and salt layers
  • Natural finish with adjustments made to color
  • No-stain formula
  • 7 years of protection from water and heat damage


  • Not does alter the natural color of your paver
  • One thick, saturate coat lasts 7 years
  • Lasts through the ice and de-icing chemicals
  • The waterproof formula can be added near the pool
  • Melts in with the concrete to form one inseparable and durable construction


  • You need to wait years before you can paint over the sealer

Water repellent concrete best paver sealers such as this one from Dryway are the perfect sealer for you if you live in an area that has a lot of rainfall or snow.

This sealer penetrates through the layers of the concrete paver to become one durable and inseparable construction. No matter how much it rains, your paver will stay looking perfectly new.

Even de-icing chemicals or salt cannot do any damage to this sealer. We highly recommend this one if you live in cold regions. Now you can salt your pavers to melt away ice without damaging the beautiful concrete.

Because the formula is waterproof, you can add this to your pool, patio, front, and backyard as well.

Water-based paver sealers like this can be spread on concrete, brick, stone, and even slate. Give your paver a good saturated coat of this sealer, and you’re protected for 7 years straight!

No need for any replacement or double application.

Keep the color of your paver just as it is. This sealer gives you a natural finish—no adjustments made to color and no yellow hue. Within the 7 years of use, you won’t have to deal with any staining!

You need this concrete paver sealer if you live in a cold or rainy region. This salt and de-icing chemical-resistant formula will last through all barriers for 7 years.

#3. MasonryDefender 2.5 Gallon Penetrating Concrete Paver Sealer


  • Clear silane siloxane-based concrete paver sealer
  • Give you free thaw, ice, de-icing chemical, and chloride ion protection
  • Does not form a white slippery layer on top
  • Easy to spread; little goes a long way


  • A thin formula that spreads easily
  • Does not crack or break
  • No possibility of fungus build-up or mildew
  • Can be applied using a basic garden spray
  • Gives you water and UV ray protection
  • Free thaw protection, salt, and de-icing chemical resistant


  • Might look patchy if not applied well

Easy to apply best paver sealers are always appreciated. So we have this best water-based paver sealer from Masonry Defender in case you want an easy way out of spreading sealer on pavers.

Spray the entirety of your concrete paver with this protective sealer using a garden sprayer. Before doing this, you need to ensure that the paper is free of dust, debris, oil, or any kind of dirt.

One or two coats and you’re done. Your paver is now protected from water, UV rays, and heat damage.

This best water-based sealer comes in a very thin formula that is easy to spread. You can cover a large area with a small amount of sealer and still get the same level of protection.

A coat of water-based sealers won’t change the way your paver looks. As the sealer is formulated to give you a matte and natural finish, you won’t even notice the sealer on top. No risks or stains or white layers!

The sturdy water-based sealers protect your paver from freeze-thaw damage, salt, and chloride ions as well.

So you can safely use the water-based sealers beside your home pools for the best results. Nothing can penetrate the layer of solvent, so there is no possibility of fungus or mildew build-up.

This strong sealer protects you from freeze-thaw damage, salt, UV rays, de-icing chemicals, and many more.

It’s safe to say that the sealer will keep your paver safe and looking new for as long as possible. If applied well, no other sealer can even compare to this one!

What to Look for Before Buying Best Paver Sealers?

You might think getting your hands on the perfect concrete paver sealer is an easy task; well, in some cases, it is. But to make sure that you choose the right sealer for your needs, you need to keep a few factors in mind.


Water-based paver sealers are the best option to go for if you have a lot of areas to cover.

This kind of sealer is affordable and easily available as well. Other kinds of paver sealers won’t cover many areas, and so you might have to purchase more.

Matte or Glossy

You can get paver sealers in many different finishes. Matte, glossy, semi-matte, and super glossy being some of the popular kinds. The choice is subjective.

But if the pavers are set newly, you can choose a matte finish sealer. This won’t change the color of the look of your paver and will help keep the paver looking brand new.

On the other hand, a paver that has become old and rusty would benefit more from a glossy finish.

This sealer will help cover all the flaws and also add a nice glossy look.

Keep in mind that the glossy sealer slightly changes the color of your paver.

Protection Level

Just to be safe, it is always better to get paver sealers that will give you protection from all kinds of weather, UV rays, and also water. But such paver sealers can be a bit more pricy.

So if your paver is under direct sunlight, you require a sealer that gives you UV ray protection.

Pavers that are in rainy or cold areas would benefit more from waterproof paver sealers.


Covering your paver with a sealer is not an easy task. Quite a lot of people tend to hire help to do this task as it can take up a lot of valuable time.

Getting a sealer that stays put for a longer time can help you with this issue. The best concrete paver sealer should last you a year before needing a re-coating.

Types of Paver Sealers

Mainly, there are three kinds of concrete paver sealers. Check out the different kinds and their specifications down below so you can decide on which one to buy.

#1. Silane-Siloxane Based Paver Sealer

Also known as a water-based paver sealer, it’s a very common and affordable kind of sealer. The sealer is quite flexible and can move a lot. Therefore, this sealer is preferred for covering larger areas.

Water-based paver sealers penetrate the surface of your paver and add a protective waterproof layer on top.

If you live in an area that faces frequent rainfall or heavy snow, this is the sealer to get.

This sealer is also a fan favorite because the formula does not change the color of the paver.

You can go 10 years without needing any adjustments or coats with water-based paver sealers.

#2. Acrylic Based Paver Sealer

Solvent-based sealers are a good option if you want to play around with the finish of the sealer.

These acrylic or solvent-based sealers can give you a variety of glossy, matte natural, and semi-glossy options to choose from.

This kind of sealer also gives you a lot of protection from water damage. Similar to water-based paver sealers, this acrylic-based sealer also reaches into the surface of the paver and adds a protective layer.

With proper care, you will only need to coat your paver again after 2-3 years of the first coating.

#3. Silicate Based Paver Sealer

If you want indestructible protection for your paver, a silicate-based sealer is a way to go. This sealer reacts chemically to the formula of your paver and creates an impermeable protective layer.

But this unbelievable strength and protection come with a cost. If you don’t apply the silicate-based paver sealer properly onto the surface of your stone or concrete paver, the sealer will create a white crystal-like layer on top.

This will damage the entire paver, and the only way to fix the issue would be to remove the whole paver.

That’s a make or break option, hence an option that is rarely used.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still, confused? Here are some questions you still might have about pavers answered for you in-depth.

Question#1. What is the best concrete paver sealer?

Answer: The best concrete paver sealer is a water-based sealer. This formula is cheaper, easily available, and also covers more areas than other kinds of paver sealers. You get total protection from UV rays, rain, and snow.

Question#2. Should concrete pavers be sealed?

Answer: Yes! If you don’t seal your pavers, you expose the beautiful material to stain, water damage, and heat damage as well. Pavers are quite expensive to replace and install as well. If you don’t protect them, concrete pavers might end up costing you a lot.

Question #3. Does sealing pavers make them darker?

Answer: Matte or natural paver sealers won’t affect the color of your pavers. They’ll add protection, but they’ll help show the original color of your pavers.

Question#4. Can you use Thompson Water Seal on pavers?

Answer: Yes, you can. The Thompson Water seal gives you protection from water and heat damage and also helps show the original color of your paver without any change. You might need to add a fresh coat after 1 or 2 years, but the product does not cost too much, so it won’t be a problem.

Question#5. How long do paver sealers last?

Answer: This depends on what kind of sealer you have bought. Contingent on the formula and brand, water-based paver sealers can last about 10 years, while acrylic-based paver sealers last 3-4 years.

Final Words

The more time your concrete paver passes without a sealer coating, the more damage it gets.

Just one coat of the perfect sealer can help save you a lot of money in paver replacement.

Hurry up and get yourself the best sealant from our best paver sealer reviews and keep your paver looking brand new!

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