Best Water Based Paver Sealer Reviews of 2023 (Top 5 Picks)

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Water-based paver sealers are more environmentally friendly than solvent-based sealers and are easier to apply and clean up.

While a water-based paver sealer gives all the comfort in sealing a paver surface, at the same time, keep in mind there is a difference between choosing the ok water-based paver sealer and the best water paver sealer.

Best Water Based Paver Sealer Reviews

It takes effort and knowledge to choose the top-notch water-based paver sealer depending on several factors, including –

  • The paving types.
  • The finish or look you expect.
  • Durability
  • Coverage
  • Its ability to penetrate the surface.
  • Drying time.
  • Price, etc.

As the market is saturated with different brands and models, separating wheat from the chaff is sometimes quite daunting.

Let me do the legwork for you.

In this write-up, I will present 5 top-rated water-based paver sealer reviews for different paving types.

Not to mention, I will be pointing out all the highs and lows of each of the items.

Let’s dive right in.

5 Best Water-Based Paver Sealers Reviews of 2023

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#1. Foundation Armor SX5000 WB Water-Based Paver Sealer Review

Foundation Armor Sx5000 Reviews


  • Applying this water-based paver sealer with a sprayer or roller is a breeze.
  • As it’s a water-based paver sealer, it’s safe to use near the gas furnace, cement birdbath, etc.
  • This water-based sealer can penetrate the surface deeply.
  • It’s adequately expert in preventing moss and weed growth.
  • The coverage is entirely satisfactory.
  • Quick-drying time.
  • Breathable, non-slippery, and contains low VOC.
  • It keeps the original color of the surface.
  • Not harmful to the environment at all.
  • It can be applied to various paving types.
  • A comprehensive user manual comes with the package.
  • It’s pretty cost-effective, considering the price and coverage.


  • SX5000 WB doesn’t work on asphalt.
  • Not glossy.

Foundation Armor SX5000 WB works best on concrete, clay substrates, bricks, and stone.

This one is a penetrating silane siloxane water-based paver sealer. The water beads quite well after rainfall to prove this sealer’s existence and efficiency in penetrating the surface.

This water-based paver sealer gets the job done pretty well when it’s about resisting pitting, cracking, and spalling.

As SX5000 WB is a water-based paver sealer having a thin concentration, it’s better to use a sprayer than a roller to get the optimum coverage.

This water-based paver dealer offers coverage 175 square feet per gallon per coat. It could vary depending on the porosity of the surface, though.

Pro Tip 1: Prepare the surface perfectly before applying this sealer to get the best results.

Pro Tip 2: Apply at least two coatings to get the desired look.


Considering the price and coverage, this particular water-based paver sealer from Foundation Armor is undoubtedly one of the best bets.

Foundation Armor is a USA-based company, and they know what it takes to make a law-compatible sealer maintains the required quality.

#2. Dominator SG+ High Gloss Water-Based Paver Sealer Review

Dominator SG+ High Gloss


  • It gives excellent coverage compared to its competitors.
  • An easy-to-understand application guide is included, and overall, it’s an effortless task to apply this water-based paver sealer using a sprayer.
  • Its ability to work as a joint stabilizer is quite amazing.
  • This water-based paver sealer enhances the surface color after drying.
  • It restores the faded color effectively.
  • Environment-friendly, contains very low VOC, UV-resistant, breathable, and non-yellowing.
  • No strong fumes or bad odor.
  • You have the liberty to choose between two different sizes of jars.
  • Highly cost-effective.


  • Not an ideal option for applying on clay or stone surfaces.
  • It’s a tad slippery before drying. Mixing an anti-slip additive would be wise.
  • Slightly sticky on the hands. Wearing a pair of gloves would be a great idea during the application.

Dominator SG+ is another high-quality water-based paver sealer on my list that gives a wet look with high gloss after drying.

It works exceedingly well in protecting the surface from oil stains, making it popular among garage owners.

The amount of area it covers per gallon per coat is worth noting. It covers about 400 square feet per coat per gallon. That means buying a 5-gallon container will cover approximately 2000 square feet in total for a coat.

However, depending on the surface’s porosity, the coverage can be as low as 1200 square feet for a coat per 5 gallons.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to pressure wash the surface before applying. Two people would get the job done better and quicker.

Someone should spray, and the other person should roll the surface to spread the water-based paver sealer throughout the surface.


If performance and coverage are some of the significant deception factors, you should give this water-based paver sealer a whirl.

#3. Armor WB25 Water-Based High Gloss Paver Sealer Review


  • Equally effective for both interior and exterior surface sealing.
  • Application is a straightforward job using a standard sprayer or roller.
  • Easy to clean up.
  • It dries relatively quickly and smoothly.
  • No strong fumes or odors.
  • You can apply this on unsealed and previously sealed surfaces with a water-based acrylic sealer.
  • It offers good coverage.
  • It boasts low VOC, non-yellowing, UV-resistant, and breathable.
  • An easy instruction manual comes with the package.
  • For the price point, you can’t go wrong with Armor WB25.


  • It’s very adhesive/tacky.
  • Not an ideal solution to apply on ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Armor WB25 water-based high gloss acrylic paver sealer is that is expert in curing and sealing different paving types, including concrete,

Once you apply this water-based paver sealer, it might turn to something like purplish-blue color. It becomes clear once it dries, though.

It covers about 200 square feet per coat per gallon. That means buying this 5-gallon container will cover at least 1000 square feet in total for a single coat.

You will want to put in at least two coats to get the best results. In that case, it would cover approximately 500 square feet.

It dries fast, and you can allow foot traffic within 24 hours and vehicle traffic within 48 hours of drying.

Pro Tip 1: Pressure washes the surface 24 hours after the application.

Pro Tip 2: Because of its sticky nature, I highly recommend wearing gloves during application.


This item’s price is quite reasonable to me as it’s worth every penny considering the performance.

This one certainly deserves a try if you are looking for a hassle-free solution with good coverage and protection.

Applying this solution, you don’t have to worry about your pet and children.

#4. Armor WB15 Water-Based Acrylic Low Gloss Paver Sealer Review


  • You can instantly apply this water-based best paver sealer after installing the concrete paver—no need to wait for the concrete to be cured.
  • It’s ideal for both interior and exterior usage.
  • Good coverage.
  • Rapid drying time to let you finish two coatings in a quick time.
  • It prevents oil stains.
  • A straightforward application process with a sprayer and a roller (to spread it throughout the surface).
  • You can apply it on a new, unsealed surface and an already sealed one.
  • Low VOC, non-yellowing, UV-resistant.
  • It works exceedingly well in preventing efflorescence, alkali, etc.
  • It’s quite reasonably priced.


  • It offers low gloss. This is not necessarily a downside, though.
  • Not suitable for clay brick surfaces.

Foundation Armor WB15 is one of the best water paver sealers for curing and sealing. It gives a low gloss look.

Once you install the concrete, you don’t have to wait 3-4 days to let the concrete cure before applying the water-based paver sealer. It’s because this sealer does the curing itself.

It works best for concrete surfaces. Preventing the oil stain is something this water-based best paver sealer is quite expert in doing.

That’s why you want to apply this solution to seal the garage floor more than anything else.

It gives coverage of about 200 square feet per gallon per coat. That means if you buy this 5-gallon container and want to apply two coats, it will cover 500 square feet.

Pro Tip: The best way to apply this water-based paver sealer is with a sprayer (keeping the mist setting) and spreading it with a roller.


Considering the price, performance, drying time, ease of use, and coverage, this particular low gloss water-based acrylic sealer is worth buying.

If you are expecting a high gloss finish, then it better don’t go for this W15 model.

#5. Dominator Stone+ Water-Based Low Gloss Sealer Review


  • This water-based paver sealer restores faded colors and enhance the paver surface’s color.
  • It shines in joint stabilizing.
  • Excellent coverage.
  • It can be applied on various surfaces, including clay, brick, stone, etc.
  • Easy application using sprayer and roller.
  • Relatively faster drying time, and it dries pretty evenly.
  • It doesn’t create any bad or strong odor.
  • Environmentally friendly and contains low VOC.
  • It’s UV-resistant, hence working perfectly for outdoor surfaces.
  • Its ability to prevent weed, moss, and mildew is worth cherishing. Kudos to its film-forming ability.
  • Applying only a single coat will get the job done in most cases.
  • The container is easy to store and handle.
  • A comprehensive and pictorial application guide comes with every order.


  • The price is on the higher side. With that said, the coverage is fantastic.

Dominator Stone+ is another quality water-based paver sealer that enhances the color of the paver surface. However, it doesn’t provide high gloss; it’s a low gloss sealer.

It covers 1000 square feet per gallon per coat, which I believe is pretty good coverage to consider a highly cost-effective solution.

The coverage varies depending on the porosity and type of the surface, by the way.

The standard coverage ranges between 400-600 square feet per gallon per coat if it’s a flagstone or bluestone surface.

On the other hand, clay or tile pavers would cover up to 700-900 square feet per gallon per coat.

Pro Tip: Give more time for drying indoor surfaces than outdoor ones before allowing any foot traffic. For outdoor usage giving it 24 hours to dry is good enough.


Although this Dominator Stone+ costs more than the other water-based best paver sealers I’ve reviewed here, this item’s versatility is worth considering as the coverage it provides.

How to Choose the Top-rated Water-Based Paver Sealer?-Buying Guide

Paving Type

Not all water-based best paver sealers are ideal for all paving types.

Some work better on concrete, and some on stone or brick. Similarly, some water-based paver sealers don’t work well with certain paving types like clay brick, flagstone, etc.

Before buying a particular water-based paver sealer, ensure it works with the paver surface you will apply.


Most water-based best paver sealers provide either high gloss or low gloss. Some provide semi-gloss.

Choose the product, depending on the final finish you are expecting.

Some solutions give a wet look finish; some are expert in bringing back the faded color, and some keep the original colors.

Keep all these facts into consideration before spending your money to purchase one.


Coverage is another crucial factor you should consider. It’s because if the coverage is not good, it will not be a cost-effective solution.

Moreover, if you have to be certain about the area, you need to seal and purchase the sealer’s size accordingly based on its coverage.

The standard coverage of most water-based best paver sealers is 175 square feet per gallon per coat. Some offer even more coverage. It varies depending on the porosity of the solution too.

Deep Penetration

 The water-based paver sealer must penetrate the surface deep to work from below. It’s essential to make the water beads up after rainfall and prevent weeds and moss growth.

Ease of Use and Clean Up

Typically, all the water-based paver sealers are easier to apply and clean up than the solvent-type sealers.

Still, make sure the one you are buying offers these benefits.

As the water-based paver sealers are thin, any standard sprayer should work to apply them and a roller to spread them evenly.

Quick Drying Time

As you will want to apply two coats to get the best results in most cases, the drying time between the coats needs to be fast.

Once you finish applying two coats, it shouldn’t take more than 24 hours to allow foot traffic and 48 hours or 72 hours to allow vehicle traffic.


Once you apply the water-based paver sealer, you won’t want to reseal it yearly. It should last at least 2-3 years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question #1. What is the best water-based paver sealer?

Answer: The best paver sealer varies depending on the paver surface type and finishes you are looking for.

If you want a high gloss finish, you should try Dominator SG+ or Armor WB25.

If you are looking for a low gloss finish, Armor SX5000 WB, Dominator Stone+, and Armor WB15 are some of the best choices.

Question #2. How to remove water-based paver sealer?

Answer: Removing the water-based paver sealer from the surface is straightforward. It’s not as hard as removing the solvent-based sealer by any means.

All you need to remove the water-based paver sealers is a seal remover/stripper, a roller, and a pressure washer.

First, use a roller to spread the stripper throughout the surface. Then wait for a day to let the stripper start working.

Once you see the stripper is bubbling up the old sealer, pressure washes the surface to remove the old sealer entirely.

You are done.

Question #3. How long does to dry the h&c Ultrapaver water-based natural paver sealer?

Answer: The H&C Ultrapaver, water-based natural paver sealer, starts drying after 1 hour of application.

However, you should not allow heavy foot traffic before 24 hours and vehicle traffic before 72 to 96 hours of application.

You can allow light foot traffic after 4 hours of drying time.

Question #4. What is the difference between water-based and solvent-based sealers?

Answer: Water-based and solvent-based paver sealers are used to seal the paver efficiently to get the desired protection from stains, weeds, moss, flaking, cracking, wear, tear, etc.

Both these two types of paver sealers are easy to apply, and most are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Besides some similarities, they have some dissimilarities that are worth mentioning.

  • Solvent-based paver sealers contain a higher percentage of VOC than water-based paver sealers.
  • When it comes to strong fumes or odor, solvent-based paver sealers produce more than a water-based sealers. You don’t have to wear a mask or gloves while applying the water-based sealer. The area doesn’t have to be ventilated well, either.
  • It’s easier to clean up water-based paver sealers than solvent-based paver sealers.
  • In most cases, the solvent-based ones give a wet look finish, and the water-based ones provide a matte finish.
  • For certain types of surfaces like concrete, solvent-based paver sealers work way better than water-based ones. It’s because the solvent-based ones can produce a continuous protective film that is required to protect the concrete surface from wear and tear.
  • Typically, all solvent-based paver sealers are all-weather friendly. Whereas the water-based ones are not cold-weather friendly.

Closing Notes

When choosing the best water paver sealer, decide on the paving type, your desired finish, and the coverage.

If you are planning to get a high gloss finish, then either Dominator SG+ or Armor WB25 are the ones you should get your eye in.

On the other hand, if getting a low gloss finish is your requirement, then Foundation Armor SX5000 WB, Dominator Stone+, and Armor WB15 are the ones you should be looking to apply.

If you get outstanding coverage, then Dominator Stone+ is second to none.

Check out the paving type each water-based paver sealers works best on. I’ve mentioned that above against each of them.

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