Best Paver Sealer for a Wet Look: Reviews in 2023 (Top 5 Picks)

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The paver surfaces of your home or workplace may look attractive, but they won’t stay that way for long without proper protection. Constant exposure to sunlight and rainwater will wear them out.

Their beauty will fade with the uncontrolled growth of moss, mold, weed, etc. You’ll be left with something that serves as a reminiscence of a glorious past!

You can prevent that from happening and enhance the elegance of your paver surfaces using the best paver sealers’ wet look! Paver sealers will keep the damaging elements locked out. Your pavers will always look shiny and pristine!

With our wet-look concrete sealer reviews, finding the best paver sealers will be a breezy task!

Top 5 Best Paver Sealer for a Wet Look in 2023

Best Paver Sealers for a Wet Look

NameManufacturerTypeItem WeightCoverageDrying time
5 GAL Armor AR350Foundation ArmorConcrete Sealer41.9 poundsApproximately cover up to 200 square feet per coat24-48 hours
5-Gal. SX5000Foundation ArmorPenetrating Concrete and Masonry Sealer41.9 poundsUp to 175 FT2/gallon in one coat24 hours
5 GAL Armor AR500Foundation ArmorConcrete Sealer41.9 poundsUp to 175 FT2/gallon in one coat36 hours preferred
Armor WL550Foundation ArmorEnhancer Sealer5 GallonUp to 175 FT2/gallon in one coat48 hours preferred
EnduraSeal 100% AcrylicEnduraCoatConcrete Sealer5 GallonApproximately 150-300 square feet per gallon24 hours
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You’d be overwhelmed with a huge number of paver sealer wet look choices the moment you step into the market, looking for the best paver sealer for a wet look. You wouldn’t know what to get. To help you out of that confusing situation, we’ve prepared a list of the 5 best paver sealers on the market. Feel free to choose any of them for your paver surfaces!

#1. Armor AR350 Solvent-Based Wet Look Paver Sealer


  • Made from high-grade resins
  • A solvent-based breathable acrylic
  • It offers low gloss finish along with darkened effects
  • It lasts for up to 5 years on outdoor surfaces and 7 years on indoors


  • Extremely easy to apply on any surface
  • Quickly darkens the surface to enhance its looks
  • Protects against a wide range of damaging elements
  • It doesn’t require frequent recoating


  • A very smelly substance
  • It comes at a rather high price

The Foundation Armor AR350 is an impressive solvent-based wet-look paver sealer designed to protect a wide range of paver surfaces and enhance their appearance. It’s perfect for instantly turning a dull and ugly surface into something you can’t take your eyes off! Crafted from top-grade resins, it will do wonders for your pavements!

Once applied, this thing will quickly embellish your surface with a darker look, making it appear fresh, natural, and wet. It will even add a low gloss finish. You can feel free to use it on stamped concrete, concrete paper surfaces, aggregated concrete, and poured concrete.

Also, you can rely on this solvent-based paver sealer wet look to protect your paving from water, salt, stains, chemicals, and the UV ray of the sun. So, your beloved paved surfaces won’t wear out or lose their beauty for a long time, as the effect will last for 2-5 years. Additionally, this paver sealer can easily resist mildews and weeds.

Applying this solvent-based unit is super easy with a roller and a brush. It’s ideal for both unsealed and sealed surfaces. Each gallon of this breathable acrylic solvent-based paver sealer wet look comes with enough wet look sealer to 175 square feet of the area!

This is an excellent way of retaining and bringing back the beauty of your paver surfaces. It will also effectively increase the lifespan of your surfaces by giving the right kind of protection. Best of all, it doesn’t require any professional knowledge, so that anyone can do it with ease!

#2. Best Water-Based Paver Sealer: Foundation Armor Sx5000 Reviews


  • A breathable substance that works after diving deep into the surface
  • It doesn’t change the paver color or make the surface slippery
  • Designed to work on concrete, brick, slate, flagstones, pavers, etc.
  • This water-based sealer Keeps most of the water away from the surface


  • The water-based sealers extremely easy to prepare and apply for just about anyone
  • It gets to work quickly and dries up in no time
  • It comes with clearly-written instructions
  • Likely to last for a very long time before you need to apply the seal again


  • Might destroy cheap plastic sprayers

The Armor SX5000 paver sealer’s wet look does a fantastic job of easily protecting your paver surfaces from water and other dangerous elements. These water-based sealers do all that without changing the original color. You can apply this best paver sealer on concrete, pool deck, garage or workshop floors, driveways, etc.

This water-based sealer specializes in absorbing the water from your paver surfaces, protecting them from water-caused damage using a hydrophobic barrier. Around 95% of the water will be locked out, which is incredible!

However, this substance starts working after diving deep into your surfaces. So, the outer shell will remain entirely unaffected. You won’t have to worry about having the colors and designs of your beautiful areas tarnished in any way. Don’t be afraid of walking on coated surfaces, as they won’t get slippery either.

Moreover, this water-based sealer will likely protect for 7-10 years after applying the paver sealer wet look twice at once. Although this best paver sealer is expensive, it makes up for that by offering unmatched performance. It comes in a 5-gallon bottle. You can cover up to 225 FT2 per gallon if you deal with smooth surfaces.

This paver sealer’s wet look repels water with unmatched efficiency. Your paved areas will be well-protected from water damage. The best thing about this best paver sealer is the outer parts won’t be affected at all. So, it won’t affect the outer surface areas, allowing them to stay in their beautiful state.

#3. Foundation Armor AR500 Reviews


  • Designed for a wide range of concrete and masonry materials
  • A strong solvent-based substance created from non-recycled resins
  • It provides a non-yellowing and high-gloss finish
  • Works by penetrating deep into the surfaces and forming a chemical bond


  • Super easy to apply and maintain
  • Easy to use
  • Adds a darkened, wet look to eliminate the faded appearance
  • Minimizes wear and tear by locking out the dangerous elements
  • It lasts for 2-5 years easily before needing a recoating


  • The strong chemical odor that lasts for days

The Armor AR500 is a strong solvent-based wet-look paver sealer that will efficiently protect a wide array of interior and exterior surfaces. It applies a protective coating on your driveways, garage, workshop, etc., and reduces their wear and tear while improving their appearance.

This solvent-based paver sealer wet look goes super deep into the applied surfaces and forms a chemical bond with the concrete or paver pores. As a result, your paver surface gets a darkened, wet look thanks to a breathable, non-yellowish finish. Additionally, it brings out the natural color and leaves a high gloss finish.

And the strong coating will minimize the damage caused by dirt and debris. Water and UV rays won’t be able to penetrate the protective layer to cause any harm, either. You won’t see any growth of weeds and mildews for a long time! Surface abrasion will be significantly reduced.

Its effects will last for at least two to five years before you need to apply the solvent-based paver sealer wet look again. You can use this paver sealer quickly without any trouble with a roller or a pump sprayer.

An ideal solvent-based paver sealer wet look that specializes in making soft surfaces look beautiful and long-lasting. If you’re looking for that cool, wet look, this is a great way to get that!

#4. Wet Look Stone Paver Sealer Reviews: Armor WL550


  • Made with breathable low VOC components
  • Works by creating a hydrophobic barrier below the surface
  • Suitable for brick, masonry, and concrete
  • Protects against deteriorations caused by water


  • Darkens the surface to provide a matte wet look
  • Designed to minimize water absorption to a great extent
  • Won’t make the surface slippery or change the natural appearance
  • It leaves a long-lasting effect on preventing frequent resealing


  • It might require comparatively more paver sealer wet look substance to cover an area.
  • It doesn’t provide any glossy finish

If you’re tired of looking at your paver surfaces in light and faded condition, then the Armor WL550 paver sealer wet look can improve your situation. It’s designed to apply that darkened matte wet look to remove the boring color and inject life into your garage, driveways, workshop, etc.

This excellent water-repellent works by penetrating the substrate and creating a chemical reaction. Now, this reaction creates a hydrophobic barrier that keeps the water away. As a result, your paving will barely absorb any water. In addition to that, this unit can resist damage from UV rays.

Since this thing works below the surface, the outer look will remain untouched. It doesn’t make the ground slippery, either. You’ll find an impressive wet finish that makes the areas appear livelier. However, there won’t be any glossy finish.

Once applied, the effects of this best paver sealer wet look will last for 3 to 5 years with ease. When any change is noticed, you can easily recoat as it’s suitable for both old and new surfaces.

It is an excellent best paver sealer wet look to minimize water-induced damage on your precious surfaces. Give your paver surfaces an appealing matte wet look and ensure decent protection. You are guaranteed to enjoy its effects for a pretty long time.

#5. EnduraSeal 100% Acrylic “Wet Look” Semi-Gloss Paver Sealer


  • 100% pure and strong chemical substance
  • Easily applies a semi-gloss wet look on various substrates
  • Designed to handle different types of concretes
  • It boasts a non-yellowing formula


  • Applies a strong protective layer on paver surfaces
  • Super easy to prepare and use that doesn’t take much time
  • It doesn’t produce an unbearable chemical odor
  • It makes your paver surfaces look even more beautiful
  • It comes at a very reasonable price


  • The effects might not last as long as the others

The EnduraSeal 100% Acrylic solvent-based Paver Sealer wet look creates a durable layer of protection over a wide range of concrete materials. It will ensure the beauty of your paved surfaces remain intact and enhance the appearance by making it even more pleasant!

Applying two thin coatings of this formula will seal your pavers. With each gallon, you can more or less cover about 150 to 300 square feet of area. Even if your pavers are old and look worn out, this will make the necessary improvements to make them appear fresh and new again.

This remarkable solvent substance will protect your surfaces from outside damage. Water, dirt, debris, sunlight, etc., won’t be able to inflict much damage on them. So, your driveways or garage will stay strong and elegant for a long time!

You can easily compare this one with a more expensive paver sealer’s wet look. Unlike other paver sealers, it doesn’t leave any strong odor of chemicals.

This is the solvent-based wet-look paver sealer you should opt for if you want something that protects your paved surfaces in style without breaking the bank. You will get the same performance from this paver sealer as products that are way more expensive.

Wet Look Paver Sealers Buying Guide

Wet Look Paver Sealers Buying Guide

Lots of manufacturers offer Paver sealer’s wet look. So, naturally, all types of them have specific characteristics that make them different. Unfortunately, not all of them are high in quality. Some are downright tacky, designed only to squeeze money out of you without providing value.

So, it’s essential to know what you should consider and the features you must look for before purchasing a wet-look paver sealer. Here is a buying guide we’ve designed to ensure you don’t buy the wrong paver sealer.

Know Your Paving Type

Before buying the best paver sealer wet look, it’s vital to know your type of paving. Nowadays, most of these solvent-based paver sealers are designed to handle various materials, including bricks, concrete, and stones. Nevertheless, you should make sure it’s right for your paver surface.

For example, the surfaces of garages and workshops are commonly made with poured concrete. They often come in contact with oil.

Now, oil can slowly but surely damage this type of material. However, if you choose a wet paver sealer look that excels at protecting against oils, the concrete surface will stay safe no matter how much oil pours on it!

Similarly, some might be better at dealing with bricks than stones. So, find out your paving type. Just knowing about the materials may not be enough. You should also spend some time figuring out what damages them the most.

Once you know exactly what you’re looking for and what kind of protection you need, look for one sure to meet your demands. Otherwise, you’ll be left with something that does more harm than good. That’s why we’re placing so much importance on knowing the paving type.

Color and Gloss

As we’ve mentioned before, your paver surface’s bright and shiny color will fade over time due to various damaging elements. It won’t look nearly as attractive as before. You don’t want to get stuck with that now, do you? Reconstruction is out of the question, too, because that’s way too costly.

Don’t worry, as the best paver sealer will not only add a protective layer but also bring back the color that made your surface so beautiful. It will even add a glossy touch, enhancing elegance greatly! Just find out the wet-look sealer that gives you the color treatment you want before buying.

Sand Retention

Rain can cause the sand between the pavers to wash away slowly. You don’t want that, as it’s a valuable part of the paver surface. If you want to retain the sand, you should invest in a wet-look paver sealer that does a great job at sand retention. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing the sand anymore.

Mildew and Weed Resistance

Your paver surface is the breeding ground of mildew and weeds. You are sure to see them grow and spread on it, taking away the freshness of it. They can even damage your precious paver. Fortunately, most paver sealers’ wet look offers protection against mildew and weeds.

However, if you’ve got a lousy growth of these things, choose a wet-look sealer that provides special protection from them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best paver sealers wet look:

Question#1. How do you seal wet-look pavers?

Answer: Sealing wet-look pavers is a surprisingly easy task. You can do it all by yourself without any problem. There is no requirement to have professional knowledge. We’ve got some easy-to-follow instructions if you’ve never done it before. So, here we go.

Let’s start with the things you’ll need.

  • A roller, brush, or a lambswool applicator for applying the paver sealer wet look
  • The paver sealer wet look that will be used in the sealing of your paver surface

Step-1: Clean the Surface

Before starting sealing, you must thoroughly cleanse the pavers’ surface. Sweep it clean, then pour a water rinse-able degreaser to clear any persistent stains. Afterward, pick up your pressure washer and wash everything away. Your paving should look super clean now, free of dirt and stains.

Step 2: Wait for the Surface to Dry out Completely

There shouldn’t be even a single drop of moisture left. You can be 100% sure of the moisture test.

Step 3: Begin the Sealing

Once all the moisture is gone, and the surface is dry, you can begin the sealing. Go carefully mix the solvent to the recommended ratio for covering your surface area.

Step 4: Spread the paver wet-look sealer

Grab the roller and start spreading the wet-look paver sealer. You can employ a brush to apply it on hard-to-reach places and corners. After you’re done, allow the surface to dry out; voila, you’ve got a sealed paver surface! It will remain protected from damages for a long time now.

Question#2. How long does the wet paver sealer last?

Answer: We don’t have a definitive answer for you as it depends on many things. Usually, a wet-look paver sealer lasts for as short as 3 months and as long as 6 months. Under certain circumstances, the lifespan can be even longer. Your wet-look paver sealer might not last as long as your neighbors because your surface may differ from theirs.

So, here are the factors that affect the effects of a paver sealer’s wet look.

  • The kind of paver surface includes the materials used to build it, the quality of the materials, etc.
  • The kind of paver wet-look sealer that’s been used in the sealing
  • The surface’s PH levels, area type, as well as the substrate’s porosity
  • How often is the paver exposed to the sun and water
  • The number of damaging elements that the surface is open to

Question#3. Can you use Thompson Water Seal on the pavers?

Answer: We don’t see why not! Thompson water seal is designed to be applicable on any paver surface. Additionally, it’s perfectly suitable for other materials like bricks, clay, tile, stone, etc. You can feel free to use it on pavers whenever you want.

Once applied, this wet-look sealer provides adequate protection against the dangerous ultraviolet rays of the sun and rainwater.

Question#4. How often should pavers be sealed?

Answer: We can’t give you an exact and specific answer because it, too, depends on various factors. Some people might require frequent sealing, while others are fine with occasional sealing.

To be on the safe side, you can apply the paver sealer wet look whenever the colors start to fade, and weeds begin to grow. You might see the changes after 2-3 years or even after long delays.

Final Words

Paver sealers are a fantastic way of keeping your paver surfaces fresh and appealing. If you’ve read our entire article, you already know how effective paver sealers are.

It shouldn’t be any trouble for you to find the best paver sealer for a wet look. So, buy one to give your paver surface the treatment it deserves!

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