The 5 Best Hookaroon and Pickaroon Reviews (2023 Update)

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If you want to keep working with wood and logs without worrying about back pain, a hookaroon is a must-have tool.

Bending down repeatedly to pick up logs can cause heavy strain on your back and shoulder muscles.

Having hookaroon pickaroon at hand will help you pick up logs and stack them without needing a back massage at the end of the day, especially if you’re someone who works with timber professionally.

Check out our best hookaroons reviews below if you want the perfect tool compatible with your needs.

Fiskars Hookaroon 28 InchFiskars7.25 inches28.25 inches1.25 inches1.55 lb
150 1-1/2lb Hookeroon 36 in.COUNCIL TOOL COMPANY8.11 inches36 inches36 inches3 pounds
Fiskars Hookaroon (12 Inch)Fiskars6.85 inches14.41 inches1.14 inches9.6 ounces

Best Hookaroon Reviews of 2023

Best Hookaroon and Pickaroon Reviews

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Out of the many available, finding the best one can be quite daunting. We have listed and reviewed our best options to make it easier for you to buy his helpful tool.

#1. Fiskars Hookaroon 28 Inch Review


  • Fiberglass handle that is hollow and lightweight
  • Weighs 1.8 pounds
  • A non-slip grip was added to the exterior of the handle
  • Toothed edges on the blade to grip onto wood
  • Steel blade
  • It lasts a lifetime with little to no maintenance


  • Sharp steel blades that pierce through wood
  • Added tooth edges
  • It can be hung on a wall
  • Free protective sheath
  • Non-slip grip
  • Fiberglass, durable and lightweight handle
  • Easy to hold


  • 28-inch long; not suitable for taller people

What made us choose Fiskars as one of the top brands we trust when selecting hookaroons is the handle. Unlike most other hookaroons, Fiskars 28 is made with Fiberglass. The unique construction gives it the perfect weight. Not too heavy to lift but perfectly weighted to provide you with balance.

The total weight of the tool is just 1.8 pounds. Fiberglass handles are also more durable, resistant to cracks, and last longer than wooden ones.

And the end of the handle has an excellent non-slip grip that ensures your safety. Under no circumstance will this hookaroon slip from your hand. The slightly curved end adds more protection while giving you a nice space to hang the tool.

A head that is made of boron steel with added tooth edges digs deep into the wood. The curved beak holds onto the wood piece and does not let it slip. This head is also installed quite well into the handle, so there is no possibility of the two separatings.

People of short to average height will love this Fiskars 28 hookaroon! The head is as sharp as ever, does not need to be sharpened so often, and comes with toothed edges. If the height is not an issue, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get this one from Fiskars.

#2. Council Tool 150 1-1/2lb Hookaroon Review


  • 36-inch long
  • Weighs 1.5 pounds
  • The handle has a red enamel coating
  • The head and handle are joined using a hydraulic method and an aluminum wedge
  • Plain forged steelhead
  • It can be used for stacking, dragging, and picking up wood


  • Perfect length for tall or average-height people
  • Lightweight
  • Red enamel coating keeps the handle clean
  • The hydraulic seal used to join the handle and head
  • Added aluminum wedge for a better bond
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Made in the USA


  • Wooden handles might break or crack

The main part of a hookaroon is its head. We knew this Council Tool hookaroon was worth the purchase as soon as we got details about the sharp, indestructible head of the tool. This Council Tool hookaroon includes a forged steel head that weighs ½ a pound.

So the head is weighty enough to add force and pierce wood easily but not too heavy to lift.

A curved head like this also helps keep the wood piece in place without slipping. The blade has no sharp edges or teeth, but the head is quite sharp. You can also sharpen the head easily using tools you would use to sharpen any normal ax.

This Council tool hookaroon is supported by a 36-inch hickory handle; this is the perfect tool for average height to tall people. This handle has been joined to the head using a hydraulic method. A serrated aluminum wedge is added to the head for added safety.

A red enamel-coated handle prevents dust buildup. Use the tool on both timbers and logs. Pick wood, drag them, or even stack them; the versatile tool can be used for everything.

The plain blade can be sharpened quite easily and weighted for better results. Although the wooden handle might break or get scratched, this is a great tool to get the job done.

#3. Logrite 30″ Hookeroon Review


  • Weighs 2.8 pounds
  • Aluminum constructed handle
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Replaceable steel plain blade
  • Includes additional rubber grip


  • Lightweight and strong aluminum handle
  • The blade can be sharpened easily
  • Easy to replace a blade
  • Added rubber grips
  • The handle does not bend or break
  • It can be used on both thick and thin wood
  • Made in the USA


  • Expensive
  • Quite short

Logrite is the first brand to launch a hookaroon that has aluminum handles. Although this has become a common thing now, this is the brand that tough on the bright idea before everyone else.

What better material to choose than aluminum when it comes to being lightweight? No need to walk around carrying extra weight on top of carrying wood.

Besides being lightweight, aluminum is also known for being durable. So even if this hookaroon falls from your hands a couple of times or gets hit by something, you can expect it to stay fit and in one piece. You might not even notice bending or cracks.

Thanks to the sturdy handle, you can use this tool on thick and thin wood without worrying about damage. A textured grip at the end of the handle helps you grab onto it quickly. It is soft and nice to the tough, so you can work all day long without getting a sore hand.

The head is a simple steel construction that you can share easily. If you want, you can also unscrew the head from the handle and add another one.

Aluminum handles are now becoming quite famous for their durability. On top of that, you can also replace the heads on these hookaroons. So these will probably last you forever. If you’re willing to pay a little extra, this logrite 30 hookeroon could be a good buy.

Best Pickaroon Reviews in 2023

Ochsenkopf Ox 173 E-0500Ochsenkopf9.016 inches17.165 inches 2.047 inches1.8 pounds
Felled PickaroonFelled8 inches29.5 inches 1.5 inches1.5 pounds
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#1. Peavey Mfg 36″ Hookaroon (Hume Pickeroon) Review


  • 36-inch tall
  • 2.47 pounds in weight
  • Classic wood handle
  • Simple plain steel blade
  • Recommended for tall people


  • Won’t get scratched, break or crack, unlike other wooden handled hookaroons
  • The blade can be sharped at home easily
  • Best hookaroon for senior citizens and taller people
  • Simple design
  • It can be hung on all
  • Anti-slip design


  • It could be less expensive

Classy wooden-handled hookaroons are a great possession. In today’s day of aluminum, steel, and fiberglass hookaroon handles, a classic wooden handle can be quite refreshing. If a wooden handle is what you want, why not get one that will last forever?

This one from Peavey Mfg is not like any other wood-handle hookaroon pickeroon you’ve ever seen before. Unlike other ones, this one does not crack or break easily. You might not even be able to get any scratches on this thing, thanks to the protective exterior layer.

The end of the wooden handle has a helpful bend that lets you get a better grip on the tool. This also means that the hookaroon won’t slip away from you.

A 36-inch hookaroon is the perfect tool for tall people. This hookaroon is also well known for being quite user-friendly for senior people. The blade on this is made with high-quality steel. There are no edges on the blade. It’s just a plain old blade. So almost anyone can sharpen this blade at home.

If you want a classic old-timey hookaroon with a wooden handle, 36 hookeroon is the one to go for. The versatile and user-friendly design makes the tool usable by seniors and taller people. Although it is a bit too expensive for its features. But if you have the money, you can buy this 36 hookeroon as a collectible or for use.

#2. Felled Hookaroon Pickaroon Review


  • Made for dragging, carrying, and stacking wood
  • 28 inches long
  • Designed for people with back pain
  • It has extra rubber grip on the handle
  • Can be hung; easy to store


  • Can bite onto soft logs as well
  • Affordable
  • Rubber grip
  • The curve at the end allows you to hand the tool and makes it anti-slip
  • Lightweight
  • Great for average height and tall people
  • Prevents and improves back pain


  • It can be too light
  • Needs the practice to get used to

It’s the best pickaroon hookaroon out there and is designed especially for people who have back pain or want to prevent back pain. The carved design of the handle and the head was made after tremendous research with high-end technology.

Thanks to the unique and widespread curve of the head of this hookaroon, you can drag, pick up, and also carry wood logs and timber. This all-in-one tool is all you’ll need to make organizing or placing wood easier.

The 28-inch handle is perfect for average to tall people. This long handle ensures you never have to bend down to pick up a piece of wood again.

At the end of the handle, you’ll find a rubber grip. This is designed and placed perfectly so you can hold on to the handle longer without feeling any strain on your hands. The end also has a hook-like curve that you can use to hand the tool. This part also prevents the tool from slipping away from your hands.

This lightweight hookaroon is the perfect option for people with back pain. The light structure is easy to carry and can be used to do a lot of stuff. Added rubber grips and a hanging hook make the product even more attractive.

Hookaroon and Pickaroon Buying Guide

If you keep your eyes on a few main aspects of the tool, you’ll be able to choose the best hookaroons for you very easily. Some of these essential factors are as follows.


A high-quality hookaroon will have tiny additions to make using the tool easier. This could be adding grip holes in the handle or a soft handle to the hookaroon so that you can hold on to it for longer.

The Handle

You might think that the straighter the handle of your hookaroon, the better, but that is not the case. Regarding hookaroons, you need to look for handles that have a slight curve to them. This gives you a good grip and makes it easier to carry lots of logs simultaneously.

The Length

Hookaroons come with both short and long handles. The length that is perfect for you depends on your height. If the handle is too short or even too long, the tool might cause back and shoulder pain.

Make sure you follow the charts companies have and only buy ones recommended for your height.

The Head

The head of your hookaroon needs to be very sharp. You should not have to put too much pressure on the hookaroon handle to penetrate the log. That would defy the purpose of the tool entirely.

Also, make sure the head is a well-curved hook. Otherwise, the log might fall off the head.

The Weight

The weight of the logs or wood pieces you are picking up is heavy enough on its own. So you don’t need a hookaroon that is weighty. Go for lightweight, airy hookaroons that won’t add too much pressure on your hips.

The Overall Design

Take a good look at the overall design of the hookaroon before you buy it. Keep an eye out for loose screws, loose handles, and the handle’s material.

Hookaroon vs Pickaroon

We’re sure you’ve mistaken a pickaroon for a hookaroon at least once. Who wouldn’t, to be honest? The differences in the tool are pretty minuscule.

  • Hookaroon

The hookaroon, too, is a tool that is used to pick up pieces of wood and logs. And the only difference between a pickaroon and a hookaroon is that a hookaroon has a sharp head that is curved. The shape of the head is like a hook.

So when the head pierces the wood, it doesn’t fall off. A hookaroon is a better tool as once the wood is attached to the head, it sticks on and doesn’t fall off. Another advantage is that you can stack 2 or 3 wood pieces on the hook.

  • Pickaroon

A pickaroon is a tool used to pick up logs and wood without bending down. The tool has a long handle that you can swivel to pierce a wood piece and attach it to the tool. Once the pickaroon grabs onto the wood, you can carry it and place it somewhere else. It has a sharp pointy head.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out our commonly asked section to clear out any questions you might have about a hookaroon. We’ve tried our best to answer questions that will help you understand the product better.

Question #1. What is a pickaroon?

Answer: A pickaroon is a tool to pick up wood and move it. The long handle of the tool eliminates the need to bend down. People with back pain or want to prevent back pain can benefit significantly from a pickaroon. A sharp pointy head pierces the wood and helps pick it up.

Question #2. Where to buy a pickaroon?

Answer: Pickaroons have gained huge popularity recently. So almost all hardware brands and stores make and sell pickaroons. You can go to a physical shop and test out the quality and feel of a pickaroon before buying. If that inconvenient, you can also buy the tool online.

Question #3. How to make a pickaroon?

Answer: You will need an old ax that is no longer used as the base. A long and thick piece of wood will also do the trick. If the handle is too lightweight, you might need to add some weight for balance.

Use a thick and pointy bole as the head of your pickaroon. With enough force, this bole can pierce wood. Ensure you attach the bole tightly with the handle so it doesn’t come off. To make it look presentable, paint the whole construction with a color of your choice.

Question #4. How to sharpen a pickaroon?

Answer: Sharpening a pickaroon is like sharpening any other ax or knife. You can use a file or wet stones made for axes to do this task. To speed things up, we recommend an angle grinder. Try and keep your pickaroon as sharp as possible, so you don’t have to use much effort to pierce the wood.

Question #5. How to use a hookaroon?

Answer: Using a hookaroon is quite a simple task. All you have to do is swing the tool and hit the wood with as much force as possible. This way, the tool will bite into the wood, allowing you to pick up the piece without effort.

Final Words

Working without a hookaroon or pickaroon is quite challenging. Why bring in so much unnecessary back pain and discomfort when you can easily purchase this tool? Your body will thank the tool in a couple of years when you don’t need to schedule expensive visits to the chiropractor because of heavy lifting.

The hookaroon pickaroon doesn’t even cost much. One hookaroon, with proper care, will also last you quite a long time. It’s not something that you’ll have to repurchase that often. Check out the products we’ve mentioned in our best hookaroons reviews and select one that fits your needs. You won’t be disappointed!


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