Best Concrete Countertop Sealer Reviews of 2023: Top 5 Picks

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A few days ago, you applied a concrete sealer that was of bad quality.

Now, your countertop looks fragile and disgusting, and it seems like the age of your countertop is thousands of years!

You are in deep worry since it has already lost its whole appearance.

But as we are here, you can leave aside your stresses and worries; guess why?

Because we are providing you with the best sealer for concrete countertops that will help you make your countertop classy, alluring, and glossy.

Cast that junk away and pick up anyone from our list to get a good result.

Read every part of this sealer for concrete countertops article, including the review, buying guide, and FAQ section, to get a clear idea concerning countertop sealers.

Best Concrete Countertop Sealer Reviews

Comparison Chart of Sealer for Concrete Countertops

NameManufacturerTypeItem WeightCoverageDrying time
GlobMarble XS-327CGlobMarbleConcrete3.3 poundsApproximately 100 sq. ftDries quickly
Cheng Concrete Sealer 500 MlCheng ConcreteConcrete1.57 poundsApproximately 30 square feet (500ml)24 hours
SureCrete XS-327CGSureCreteConcrete3.6 poundsApproximately 100 ft² per qt. (9.3 m² per 0.9 L) 12-24 hours
GlobMarble XS-PC12CGlobMarbleConcrete solvent-based 3.5 poundsApproximately 100 sq. ftOvernight
Rocklinite Labs CECOMINOD069855Rocklinite LabsConcrete (film-forming)1.72 pounds45-60 square ft per 750ml bottle24 hours

5 Best Concrete Countertop Sealer Reviews

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In a nutshell, you must get the perfect concrete sealer to offer a new life to your countertops. So, let’s move straightaway to the countertop sealers reviews to know which will suit your requirements.

#1. GlobMarble XS-327C Review


  • It dries out very soon
  • Suitable to use on numerous surfaces
  • It simply covers 100 sq. ft.
  • Offers a classy appearance
  • Packs minimal odor
  • Includes a stain-resistance feature
  • Easy to apply


  • It’s a bit pricey

First, we’ve got the XS-327C sealer for concrete countertops from GlobMarble, which is a crowd-puller and deserves to be in the first place on our list. It packs plenty of striking features to stay on your preference list.

Speaking of quality, the GlobeMarble XS-327C is made of high-quality ingredients to make this sealer efficient for your sinks, countertops, patios, garage floor, walkways, or other places. And when it comes to coverage capacity, it can easily cover around 100 square feet of area at a go.

The masterpiece can withstand up to 300°F of temperatures. On top of that, it is a food-safe concrete countertop sealer, which means you can keep your daily food on top of your countertop without any issues.

It provides clear polyurethane and a matte finish to ensure a glossy and classy look. And thankfully, it can protect your countertop from food stains and scratches.

Compared to the typical ones in the market, it dries out rather quickly. Why? Because it is a water-based paver sealer, which is pretty simple to apply.

Delivering less odor is another excellent feature of this product that could be an advantage for those with breathing issues. Without a doubt, this particular sealer can be an excellent addition to your upcoming concrete-sealing projects.

This particular sealer for concrete countertops could be a good pick (the suitable sealer) for your upcoming projects, whether you are going to use it on countertops, garage floors, patios, walkways, or anywhere else.

While using it, you will not end up with odors or toxic smells. The best part? It is stain-resistant, so that you can say goodbye to scratches, food stains, or such types of issues forever!

#2. Cheng Concrete Countertop Sealers 500 Ml Review


  • Compatible with most the areas
  • Non-toxic with zero odor
  • Able to cover around 30-40 square feet
  • Inexpensive choice
  • Ensures a glossy surface with its hybrid technology
  • Easy to apply


  • Not much friendly with the cold environment!

Wondering about getting a versatile sealer for concrete countertops that can do it all? Then pick up this particular model of Cheng Concrete with your eyes closed. Not for countertops only, but you can use the versatile concrete countertop sealers on fireplaces, integral sinks, and furniture as well; pretty impressive, right?

It includes no odor, which could be a big plus for those suffering from breathing problems or diseases. Besides, the sealer is water-based, so you can apply it to your countertop with a snap.

To make it more friendly to you, the makers made it completely toxic-free and food-safe. So, you do not have to worry at all, even though you have children or pets inside your house. It penetrates pretty deep into the concrete to ensure a glossy surface finish, a big thanks to its “hybrid technology.”

It can cover around 30-40 square feet in one go, which could be more than enough for your mid-sized countertop. You can get this efficient concrete sealer without spending too much penny.

We are fond of its unique “hybrid technology,” which assures a glossy, beautiful-looking surface. Since it is non-toxic and offers zero odor, you won’t have to worry about your kids or pets touching it.

#3. SureCrete XS-327CG Review


  • Protect countertops from food stains and scratches
  • Ensures natural shine
  • It Withstands 300°F or so
  • Covers up to 100 square feet of area
  • Less odor and dries out too soon
  • Easier to apply


  • I might have to spend some extras to get this one!

Still keeping up with the top sealer for concrete countertops reviews, here we are with another concrete sealer capable of protecting your countertop from scratches and food stains. When we talk about durability, versatility, and reliability, SureCrete XS-327CG takes a good position. Let’s see what you can get from it.

First, this semi-gloss sealer packs a decent amount of sheets to enhance the beauty of your concrete, raw travertine, flagstone, and soapstone countertop surfaces. In a word, it can increase the overall beauty of your countertop.

The thing that we like about this sealer is its weather-resistance feature. It easily withstands around 300 Fahrenheit of temperature, making it one of the most robust and versatile concrete sealers.

The coverage capacity? You can cover up to 100 square feet, you see. Besides, since it is a water-based sealer, it dries out within just a few minutes, thankfully. This will offer less odor. Which, it’s one of the ideal picks for indoor use.

Its durability makes it stand out; it can protect your countertop from scratching or food staining issues. Besides, the chance of wearing and tearing is pretty less, thankfully.

#4. GlobMarble XS-PC12C Review


  • Packed with hybrid technology
  • Totally food safe
  • Offers better protection by reducing scratches or stains
  • Delivers a classy look
  • Withstands enough heat
  • Easier to apply


  • Overall good except for exterior uses

On number 4, we are featuring another efficient concrete sealer from GlobMarble that is rich in quality and capable of delivering better service. This choice includes hybrid technology, allowing you to get a smooth and glossy surface.

No need to stay limited to just countertops; you can use this masterpiece on shower panels, fireplace surrounds, walkways, garage floors, patios, and many different places.

And guess what? The sealer lets you safely keep your daily meals on top of your countertop.

The sealer could be enough to erase all kinds of scratches and food stains. It can give a new life to your countertop by improving the overall look. The way of applying it is a piece of cake!

Like our previous model of SureCrete, it is highly capable of withstanding around a temperature of 300°F, which seems pretty impressive. You can cover up to 100 square feet of area without facing any issues.

This concrete sealer allows you to keep your food on countertops without worry. The application process is another plus, which requires minimal effort. On top of that, it can easily cover approximately 100 square feet.

#5. Rocklinite Labs CECOMINOD069855 Review


  • Small yet covers around 45-60 square feet
  • As cheap as chips
  • Toxic-free and equips a food safety feature
  • Ensures permanency and beauty at the same time
  • Ideal for all types of sinks and countertops
  • Easy to use


  • Not the best choice for large areas!

We’ll wrap up the list by showing you our last and final pick from Rocklinite Labs. It is the most pocket-friendly choice out there, which could be a better option for those unable to bear some extra fortune.

It comes with a 750 ml bottle with a coverage capacity of about 45-60 square feet. So, if you buy a sealer for small or mid-sized countertops, it could be a better choice.

Compared to traditional concrete sealers, it is pretty easy peasy to apply. Plus, the sealer is food-safe and non-toxic. Consequently, you will not have to face any risk while using it.

Since it is a water-based sealer, it takes a short time to dry. The manufacturer designed it, especially for sinks and countertops.

We highly recommend this model if you cannot afford additional costs. It packs a non-toxic and food safety feature and ensures a better surface finish at the same time. So, you can use it hassle-free, whether you have pets or children at home.

Sealer for Concrete Countertops Buying Guide

Picking up the best concrete sealer is not easy, as there are tons of models with different features and benefits.

If you want to know which is the suitable sealer and which is going to suit your surface, check out this guide, which is packed with a few core factors. And these factors will help you in making a good purchase.

Expected Wear

While buying a sealer, you might see a few models with expected wear times. You need to know how long it can protect your countertop from food stains, scratches, or wear and tear.

If you feel comfortable reapplying the coat repeatedly, this feature is not that necessary for you. On the other side, if it seems pretty annoying to you, then picking out a sealer with expected wear times should be very important.

Check the Size of Your Surface

Checking out the size of your surface is a must before buying a concrete sealer. The sealer that you want to purchase should be perfect for your countertop. Or you might have to get another to seal your patios or countertops.

Consider taking a measuring tape (or another thing for measuring) to measure your entire surface. After getting the size of that area, make sure to pick up a sealer that goes with it.

Food Area Safety

Do not forget to choose a sealer with food area safety, for which you can keep your foods in sealed areas. Around the marketplace, you will find numerous models with a specific ‘food-safe logo. If you have children or pets and want to avoid undesired accidents, selecting a sealer with food area safety is key.

Exterior Use

You can ignore this feature if you need a sealer just for your countertops. On the contrary, if you are looking for a sealer for your patios, walkways, or garage floors, you have to choose one that is compatible with outdoor uses.

In that case, you will see a couple of models with an individual logo indicating whether the sealer is safe for outdoor appliances. If you apply indoor penetrating sealers on your walkways or patios, the surface might lose its appearance within a few days because of the rain and sunlight, so, bear that in mind.


Always pick up the odorless sealer, especially if you have breathing issues. But unfortunately, most of the penetrating sealers are packed with a strong smell. So, before buying a concrete sealer, check out the “LOW ODOR” logo to get rid of that issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1. What is the best sealer for concrete countertops?

Answer: According to our in-depth research and customer ratings, GlobMarble XS-327C stands out from the rest. This masterpiece is made of high-quality ingredients and is ideal for interior and exterior uses. It is food-safe, easy to apply, and dries out soon too.

#2. What should I use to seal my concrete countertop?

Answer: Keep in mind that countertop and floor sealers are different. Even though both look almost similar, their functionality is different. So, make sure to pick out a suitable sealer for concrete countertops.

You can get the Rocklinite Labs CECOMINOD069855 if you need to use a sealer specifically for your concrete countertops.

#3. How many coats of sealer do I need for concrete countertops?

Answer: It is okay to apply a single coat on countertops. But if you want to get the best result, make sure to apply two coats of concrete sealers. Remember that you must wait a while between putting each coat to let the surface completely dry. By utilizing this technique, you might get your desired result, hopefully!

#4. How soon can you seal concrete countertops?

Answer: Whether using water-based sealers or anything else, you will not have to expend hours and hours to accomplish this task. You can generally seal countertops within 2-3 hours or so.

#5. How often should you reseal concrete countertops?

Answer: It depends on your use. Usually, it is best to reseal countertops every 2-3 years to ensure perfect maintenance. In case you wait for more than 3 years, the coat will start to lose its actual appearance!

#6. How do you prepare concrete countertops for sealing?

Answer: Before sealing, the first duty is to prepare your countertop. In that case, you should follow these ways and techniques below:

  • At first, you have to eliminate grease, oil, dust, or stains from the concrete
  • Tear off existing penetrating sealers from the surface
  • Ensure to open the concrete by applying the etching solution

The part of countertop preparation is almost done. For sealing purposes, you can:

  • Take the assistance of a sprayer or roller for applying a coat of sealer, and it should also be thin.
  • Please wait for a while to dry it out.
  • Go for a second coating after drying.

Even though the sealing task is done, you should wait a few hours to get it completely dry.

#7. Can you use polyurethane on concrete countertops?

Answer: Of course, even polyurethane is one of the best things you can use on your countertops or walkways. It packs a thick layer of sealer that provides better protection against all kinds of stains and scratches. Alongside, polyurethane offers less odor, which could be an advantage for most users.

Final Thoughts

We are completely done with our best sealer for concrete countertops. Hopefully, you have no more confusion after reading our reviews and comprehensive buying guide.

Well, always apply the right things in the right places. If you need a sealer just for your countertops, then you should consider picking up a sealer that is compatible with indoor uses.

On the other side, if you need a sealer for versatile use, then purchasing a sealer for both interior and exterior uses will be a wise decision.

So, without further ado, move on to the marketplace to get the one that suits you best.

Happy shopping!

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